KERASEAL ADO10 : new epoxy coating system on 1st June 2015

Based on the success of the previous product such as KERASEAL ADO20, KERASEAL ADO122, APT’s R & D Division has improved and given KERASEAL ADO10 with quality and competitive price for customers’ choice.

KERASEAL ADO10 is two-component dustproof solvent based epoxy system which is gloss finish, antimicrobial and common chemical resistance with below outstanding features:

– Universal chemical resistance

– Gloss finish

– Antibacterial, hygiene

– High economic efficiency

With above-mentioned premium features, KERASEAL ADO10 can fully meet demand of customers in Vietnamese market. For detail information about the product, price, color palette, samples, kindly feel free to contact Customer Business Division under 04 6288 5656 (Hanoi) or 08 6681 3901 (HCMC)

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