Chemical resistant epoxy coating system introduced by Apt Viet Nam


In September 2017, Novolac KeraGUARD VL100 chemical resistant epoxy coating system is officially introduced by APT Vietnam. With its superior chemical resistance, the KeraGUARD VL100 will meet the stringent requirements of the chemical resistance industry.

Novolac KeraGUARD VL100, a two-component, chemical resistant epoxy coating system has lots of outstanding features. Designed for industrial floors affected by acid resistance and corrosive chemicals, with enhanced acid resistance and other corrosive chemicals protect the surface of the floor coating system, the Novolac chemical resistant epoxy coating system is available in a wide range of colors for customers to choose with high solid content and it has been used widely in many areas than other chemical resistant coatings.

The appearance of Novolac KeraGUARD VL100 will not only create customers of APT Vietnam a wide range of choices of high quality and superior chemical resistant products but assure APT Vietnam’s professionalism in the field of chemical resistant corrosion and protection of concrete surfaces under extreme conditions.

APT Vietnam’s Novolac KeraGUARD VL100 is the optimal solution for professional and specific chemical resistance projects.

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