5 Notes after applying epoxy floor paint

No stranger to industrial zone, epoxy floor paint is known to be a good concrete floor protection product with antibacterial, abrasion and chemical resistance. However, when construction is completed and put into use, the factory still needs to pay attention to the following:

Curing time of epoxy paint

Temp Walking Light Traffic Full Traffic
+10°C 24h 3 days 10 days
+20°C 18h 2 days 7 days
+30°C 12h 1 day 5 days

Time to repair painted surface after applying epoxy floor paint

It takes at least 5 days to dry completely. In the time, the epoxy floor can still be repaired. The phenomenon of blistering and peeling should be detected and reported immediately to the construction unit for timely repair. The factory should not arbitrarily repair the floor surface, affecting the quality of construction works.

Pay attention to clean factory epoxy floor

After finishing and putting into use, epoxy floor is very easy to be abraded by grease, dirt from goods, materials, machinery and equipment in the factory. Therefore, epoxy floor should be cleaned with neutral cleaner on a regular basis. For more heavily soiled areas an alkaline cleaner may be necessary followed by complete rinsing with clean water. Do not use any other chemicals to clean the floor because they can interact to cause peeling, paint color changes.

Do not use sharp objects on epoxy floor surface

Sandpaper or sharp objects are all things that can damage the epoxy floor surface. Scratches are a condition for dirt and grease to penetrate the floor surface, easy to abrasion and peeling paint off quickly. To overcome this, during the first use, the factory should cover more surface protection panels.

Epoxy floor paint maintenance time

The use time for coating epoxy paint is 3-4 years and the use time of self-leveling epoxy paint is 5-6 years. After this period, the factory should be maintained again. With self-leveling system paint, the factory only needs to use one topcoat to reuse as new.

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