Dear esteemed Customers Partner,

APT Vietnam, a Vietnam - Thailand Joint Venture Company. APT's products fully meet local and international standards with Thailand transfered production line as well as Europe imported materials. We have plant with a capacity of 100,000 tons/year, which gives Vietnam market with many types of specialized chemical construction products: Industrial flooring; Corrosion protection; Concrete repair; Waterproofing...

Management system of APT VIETNAM has certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. The successes of projects in Vietnam have proved our products which can fully meet the requirements of the customers’ demand about the quality and diversification of products.

APT gradually asserts its position in the paint industry. APT Vietnam’s goal is towards the sustainability of each project, then company leaders and all staffs are constantly learning, researching as well as applying modern equipments to improve quality, diversify products, and enhance service quality.

From the initial success as well as the trust and confidence of our customers, we believe that APT Vietnam will develop, become leading chemical construction brandname in Vietnam and progress to meet the requirements of foreign market.

Thank for your trust and cooperation.

Yours faithfully,

Chief Executive Officer




By sustainable development strategy, APT Vietnam strives to become a first production and supply company with industrial floor coatings, concrete repair materials ... in Vietnam and reachs out to the world.


- For the market: Provide high-quality products to meet the demand of the market, diversification of product lines.
For partners: In the spirit of cooperation, APT Vietnam is committed to being a companion on the path of development.
For employees: Develop a professional, friendly and creative working environment
For society: Harmony between corporate interests with society interests and commits to building the closed production line, safety to environment.


APT Vietnam committed to bringing our customers over the years:

The customers are above all, we respect every customer and strive to bring our customers optimal products, best services.
Development of new products, optimize the needs of the market, we continuously learn and improve products, production technology and equipment to serve the research and development
Human resource development: Creating the conditions for employees to maximize their capacity, deserving commendation for outstanding individuals
Commitment to Action: All works we have committed to be completed.



-   Certificate of Quality Management ISO 9001:2008

-   Certificate of Typical Brand for Customers

-   Certificate of Analysis

- Certificate of Quacert
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