Everything about Keraseal Ado40 self – leveling epoxy floor paint products from APT Viet Nam

KERASEAL ADO40 is phenol and solvent free self-leveling epoxy resin system. This product if often used in many factories producing electronic components, food and beverage. Specially, KERASEAL ADO40 self-leveling epoxy floor paint is known as a product dedicated for hospital and other clean areas, pharmaceutical factories and medical devices. So what make this product used so much? What should note in construction process?

Outstanding advantages of KERASEAL ADO40 self-leveling epoxy floor paint

  • Antibacterial and easy to clean: Different from the kind of bricks that easily catch dust in the connection parts, KERASEAL ADO40 gives the factory a protective layer of smooth concrete, easy to clean. They help the factory removes grease, dirt and common chemicals. Absolute antibacterial ability and smooth surface help KERASEAL ADO40 to score when working in clean areas of hospital and pharmaceutical factories.
  • Excellent wear and high abrasion resistance: This is the most outstanding advantage of these self-leveling paint lines. They are known as self-leveling paint line with a high abrasion of 0.65mg/cm2. Impact resistance is 68kg.cm. The factory can move on the floor the types of carts with large tonnage without worry.
  • Self-leveling ability: Completely cover the hole, create a flat surface owing to the self-balance mechanism of paint.
  • Saving repair costs: KERASEAL ADO40 is a product that has been constructed in many projects and appreciated. So the factory is completely assured of the quality of the project. Flooring is used for a long time without problem of peeling, blistering. After about 5 – 6 years, the factory only needs to repaint a topcoat to continue using it as new.
Thi công sơn tự san phẳng KERASEAL ADO40 của APT Việt Nam

Notes during KERASEAL ADO40 self-leveling epoxy floor paint construction process

The process of KERASEAL ADO40 paint includes 6 steps as follows:

Step 1: Mixing Part A and Part B

Mixing should be carried out using a slow speed mixer, approx. 600 rpm with a suitable mixing paddle. First mix the Part A for 2-3 minutes to reconstitute and settlement from storage. Add the Part B to the Part A and mix a further 2-3 minutes until homogenous. Do not split packs and avoid air entrapment by over mixing.

Note: Once this material is mixed, it cannot be resealed for later use.

Step 2: Prepare the surface of concrete floor

  • Conditions of concrete floor to use solvent-based epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO40 is smooth surface, moisture less than 6%. The contractor should carry out the humidity measurement for the concrete floor. In particular, avoid construction when it rains, the weather is high, with high humidity.
  • After that, the constructor needs to use a machine to smooth the concrete floor. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean up any dirt left over on the floor.

Step 3: Apply primer

The primer product used before applying KERASEAL ADO40 is KERASEAL PS60. This is a solvent-based epoxy primer. They will increase the adhesion between concrete and subsequent coatings. Therefore, the constructor needs to do this step before applying the coating. The primer layer is rolled as thin as possible. The quantity of materials is from 0.1 to 0.2kg/m2. After at least 1 day, primer dries, the constructor can move gently to patch the surface.

Step 4: Surface patching

The product used for surface patching is KERACRETE NS50. This is two-component non-shrink epoxy adhesive system. An ideal product to be used as a multi-purpose mortar, patching, repair pitted concrete surface locations. Surface drying time is 3 hours 30 minutes. The average consumption is 1.5kg / m2 constructed with a thickness of 1 mm2.

Thi công sơn tự san phẳng KERASEAL ADO40 của APT Việt Nam

Step 5: Apply the first KERASEAL ADO40 epoxy coating

  • Smooth finish self-leveling application

The ready mixed material is poured down in stripes and distributed evenly by means of a trowel, serrated trowel in requested thickness. Because it is self-leveling floor, ventilate the freshly applied layer with a spiked roller.

  • Non-slip finish application

If a non-slip finish is required immediately after spike roller is complete evenly broadcast the applied area to saturation with silica sand. This helps to increase the hardness of the floor. In addition, they also help the factory saves construction materials.

After final drying, the surplus sand must be swept off. The surface should be sanded in order to achieve a better optic and to reduce the material consumption.

Step 6: Apply the second coat

The maximum time to apply the next coat is 72 hours. The minimum time to apply the next layer is 12 hours. Therefore, after at least 1 day, the constructor can proceed with the second coat.

The constructor needs to use trowel to spread the paint. Then, use a spiked roller to break air bubbles on the factory floor. After 1 day, we can walk gently. After 5 days, we can put to use.

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