4 Important notes before installing factory floor

Factory is a place where oil, chemicals easily fall on the concrete floor. So in order to have a hygienic space, many factories choose industrial floor paint. But to facilitate the construction process, let APT helps you through these 4 notes!

  1. Check the moisture of concrete floor

Humidity of concrete floor needs to be at a level that allows constructions. With the solvent-based epoxy coating system, the floor moisture can be applied is below 5%. With water-based epoxy coating system, the floor moisture can be applied is below 8-10%. In addition, some water-based paints can withstand moisture of concrete floor below 18%.

  1. Do not apply when the air humidity is too high

Not in any weather condition, you can apply paint. Because even water-based paint, the type of paint can withstand moisture up to 18% cannot be constructed when the weather is too wet. Floor will occur blistering phenomenon, long dry… The contractor should pay special attention to not applying when it rains, humid for many days.

  1. Do not apply when the weather is too hot

Paint always takes some time in liquid form to penetrate with the surface. If applying when the outdoor temperature is too high, the paint can suddenly change, evaporate quickly, reduces adhesion and easy peeling after installation.

  1. The construction area should be clean

If applying paint in enclosed areas with high humidity such as basement and stairs, the installer notes installing additional ventilator. This is the best way to reduce the moisture in the air and help the paint layer dries faster.

Hopefully the above notes have helped you to have more useful information. For advice and technical support on epoxy floor paint, please contact APT Vietnam immediately at 0904 339 299!

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