Epoxy Coating-solid protection for all floor surfaces

Epoxy coatings are combined between two components that are epoxy resins and polyamine hardenable substances. Both were mixed together before the construction. After mixing, you only have a certain period of time to execute. The resin and the pigment additives make up the color, when there is no color, it becomes a colorless coating that protects your concrete floor.

An Epoxy coating is ideal for finishing and protecting the concrete floor

Epoxy coatings Create a very rigid, sturdy, chemical-resistant and durable surface. They can withstand heavy abrasion, chemical and stained, grease in the garage, production plant.

Another thing you need to care about is the percentage of solid content. This is the deciding factor of the quality of the overlay, the durability of the coating versus the cost that you spend.

Essentially, the percentage of solids in paint means how much chemical evaporation is in the process of curing, how much plastic will be on the surface of the concrete after the construction process is completed.

The most apparent difference in comparison between the Nhexane solvent based and Nhexane solvent fee Epoxy Coatings:

The two systems are completely different because they have a different solid content. Epoxy Nhexane solvent based contains 75 solid content, Nhexane solvent fee contains 100 solid content.

The greater the percentage of solid content, the greater the viscosity, the more durable the coating.

However, with epoxy nhexane solvent fee will be harder to execute because the high solid function, high viscosity and time for construction will be shorter but the results achieved are excellent quality bring protective coatings to your concrete. With Nhexane solvent based epoxy is easier to execute, it is possible to execute thinner coatings because of the lower solid content, the viscosity is lower, but because of the evaporation of high chemical, it is very heavy smell of chemicals in the process of construction.

Due to the higher solids content, it is considered a true Epoxy coating. Our Epoxy coating gives you a thicker, more durable surface and has many different color options. It is approximately 4-5 times more durable and can last nearly 10 years if you maintain properly. That’s a big difference.

This is the long-term value of purchasing the product line with a higher solids content, because the quality Epoxy coating lasts a lot longer, in the long term it will save you much money cost.

Another advantage of the Epoxy coating besides the characteristics of a higher solid content is that the chemical resistance and resistance to abrasion are excellent.

In short, if you are requesting a highly durable and quality concrete floor protection coating then you should choose epoxy coating with high solid content ratio or in other words, Epoxy nhexane solvent fee is your best choice.

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