1. What is epoxy coating?

Anwser: Epoxy coating is a type of paint two component. Epoxy coating use to protect concrete floors, capable of bearing, anti-corrosion, anti-bacterial and anti-common chemicals.

2. Features of epoxy coating?

Anwser: Epoxy APT coating have premium features
> Excellent wear and abrasion resistance
> Good chemical resistance
> Gloss finishing
> Hygienic and easily cleaned
> Attractive colors

3. Storage?

Answer: 12 months from date of manufacture when be stored correctly in original packaging

4. Note on application?

Answer: > Min. substrate temperature +110C
> Max. substrate temperature +390C
> Substrate temperature must be at least +30C above dew point
> Maximum relative air humidity 80%

5. Concrete conditions?

Answer: The compressive strength of the concrete should be minimum 25 N/mm2. The concrete must be dry, free of oil surface. The concrete slab shall be designed to withstand osmotic pressure and/ or permeation from ground water, raising damp, rain flooding etc., by incorporating where necessary a water vapor barrier to control any rising hydrostatic pressure

6. Preparation concrete floor?

Answer: Follow the bellow steps
Step 1: Measure moisture: The moisture content in the substrate should be less than 5% when measured by moisture meter
Step 2: Handle the substrate of concrete floor: epoxy coating must be applied to a clean surface.
Step 3: Repair the substrate of concrete floor: Uneven floors or damaged areas should first be by leveled by using a suitable repair material such as Keracrete RM120 or Keracrete NS50.
Step 4: Clean the substrate: Oil, dirty…on the floor should be removed by chemical degreasers and then followed by mechanical preparation such as Shot Blasting or Surface Planning.

7. Mixing epoxy coating?

Answer: Mixing should be carried out using a slow speed mixer, approx. 600 rpm with a suitable mixing paddle. Mixing time is at least 3 minutes until a homogeneous mixture is achieved. Fill mixed material into a clean container and mix again.
Note: Once this material is mixed it cannot be resealed for later use