Epoxy 3D floor paint

Epoxy 3D floor paint – breakthrough technology for floor paint products. The ability to provide a wide range of colors and materials, Epoxy 3D flooring promises to be a popular and popular product in the future.

What is 3D epoxy floor

Is decorative floor. Imagine floor paint like a painting or a large-scale artwork. The coating looks not only on the painted surface, but you also feel the beauty, creativity and uniqueness when you walk on this 3D epoxy floor.

In recent years, 3D epoxy floor paint has been used a lot. Partly because this 3D floor is environmentally friendly. The floor structure like the surface is decorated with stone, no chemical odor.

Another part, because of the characteristics of durability and long usage time. The smooth color and gloss of the surface will not disappear nor fade over time. If there are nail shoes, collisions due to heavy furniture or dirt do not “slither” to the 3D floor surface.
Application range

3D epoxy floors are applied in many areas, from office buildings, commercial centers, hotels; corridors, stairs … to labs, hospitals, health centers, preschools …

In fact, 3D epoxy floor paint is suitable for all small and large areas. The ability to build a floor surface into a work of art, and a distinctive appearance for each type of surface helps this product solve many problems when performing paint at any facility.

Features of epoxy 3D floor paint

3D epoxy floor paint is a special 3D self-leveling paint. You might be surprised to find “this floor?” Or “Is this 3D picture?”. The expert will design you a 3D picture before you proceed with the construction of epoxy 3D. That’s why, this paint can be suitable for any size you require.



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