1. Requirements:
1.1. Labor protection

–  Workers are required to use all the necessary personal protective equipments including shoes, gloves, safety glasses, hard hats and work clothing.



1.2. Humidity

– Humidity level of concrete floor must not be higher than 6%.

– Humidity of air must not exceed 90%.

– Construction site requires good ventilation.


   2. Mix materials:
2.1.  Mix the PrimeSEAL PS60 lining including two components A and B

– Pour component B into component A and mix well for three minutes (may take longer depending on weather conditions and machinery …)





   3. Steps of constructing.
3.1. Hygiene and surface treatment

–  Ensure the surface is free of dust, dirt and grease.

– Remove the adhesive materials on the surface of the areas that need  repairing.






3.2. Apply the primer coat of PrimeSEAL PS60
– Use a roller or brush to apply the primer to the location that needs repairing.

– Do not apply too thick lining which will cause cracking and blistering of the surface.

– Let it dry for 6 hours before applying the glue on top


3.3 Construction of materials.
– Use steel trowel or hard trowel to fill material into the position to be constructed. Can be put into many layers to achieve the highest efficiency.

– Let the new layer completely dry and apply the next layer or topcoat.

– Because the material hardens quickly, the mixture of material needs to be constructed in a short time, avoiding wasting too much material.

– Let it dry for at least 8 hours before proceeding with the next steps.




– After the first coat has completely dried, use a scrubber with suitable sandpaper to scrub the entire surface to roughen and remove any surface impurities.

– Spread KeraSEAL ADO40 material on the area to be constructed with a dedicated brush. Finish the surface with a serrated or short-toothed roller.

– Roll many times on the surface as soon as the coating is still wet to remove bubbles from the surface.

– The coverage, uniformity in gloss and color must be ensured.

– Let it dry for at least 24h before operating gently above and 72 hours when using.