1. Requirements:
1.1. Labor protection

– Workers are required to use all the necessary personal protective equipments including shoes, gloves, safety glasses, hard hats and work clothing.



1.2. Humidity.

– Humidity level of concrete floor must not be higher than 6%.

– Humidity of air must not exceed 90%.

– The construction area should be limited to high temperatures, intense sunshine and strong winds.

   2. Mix materials:
2.1. Mix KeraSEAL WB40
– The material consists of 2 components – Ingredients solution and Ingredients Powder

– Pour the two ingredients together, mix thoroughly with a high-speed mixer until the mixture of materials is homogeneous and does not form lumps.



   3. Steps of constructing
3.1. Apply the primer.
– Before applying the primer, the surface of the work area should be thoroughly moistened. Avoid standing water and allow water to form puddles on the surface.

– The lining of the system is a component of the solution mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 3.

– Apply the primer on damp surface with roller or brush.

– Do not let lining materials create puddles on the surface.

– Allow to dry for at least 6 hours prior to patching, surface treatment or subsequent operations.




3.2. Apply the waterproofing layer

– Evenly spread KeraSEAL ADF100 material on the area to be constructed with a brush, roller or brush.

– There is a successful test with multiple layers to ensure the desired thickness.

– Minimum thickness for waterproofing system is not less than 1mm.

– Drying time between waterproofing coatings is 24 hours.

– Let dry for at least 24h before operating gently above

Note: To ensure the performance of the material, the waterproofing layer after application should be protected to avoid UV and strong external forces on the surface of the coating.