APTベトナムは2015年6月1日にPRIMESEAL PS50プライマーを発売しました

From June 1, 2015, APT Vietnam launched PRIMESEAL PS50 primer, which is a two-component epoxy primer line for concrete surfaces. PRIMESEAL PS50 has low viscosity for deep penetration to improve concrete surface force before application of KERASEAL and KERAGUARD systems.

PRIMESEAL PS50 is improved upon the success of the high quality PRIMESEAL PS60 primer. With lower quality and price than PS60, PS50 was born to help customers have more choices when buying primer products at APT.

PS50 features:

- Low viscosity suitable for solvent based primers

- Surface reinforcement is weak, brittle and easy to peel

- Increases mechanical bending for surfaces and coatings

- High chemical resistance

- Increased durability and longevity for the surface

- Good permeability and smooth glossy surface when used as a dust liner

For more information about the product to receive a trial sample, please contact  at 024 6288 5656 (in Hanoi) or 028 6681 3901 (in HCM).