09 excellent features of antistatic epoxy paint KERACOTE EC100

KERACOTE EC100 is produced from epoxy resin and special additives should have antistatic control ability in the factory.

A good anti-static epoxy coating system is a coating system that meets EOS / ESD standards, which means that they must reduce the harmful effects of electrostatic discharge by discharging high voltages up to thousands of Volt slowly through the antistatic coating with resistance of 10^4 – 10^9Ω.


KERACOTE EC100 produced by APT Vietnam has 09 outstanding features:

• Antistatic control

• Meet EOS / ESD standard

• Drying time is fast and electrical conductivity is stable

• Maintains electrical conductivity throughout the system thickness

• Good abrasion resistance

• General chemical resistance

• Finished surface is glossy and smooth

• High aesthetics and easy to clean

• Many color options

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