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What impact does epoxy floor have for working space of factory?

In manufacturing factory, floor is an area that occupies a lot of space and affects the working space of factory. Therefore, the selection of paint product not only meets the demand of factory, but also helps to make working environment becomes better for workers. Epoxy floor paint is a product like that. So what impact does epoxy floor have for working space of factory? Let’s find out with APT in this article below!

Common colors of epoxy floor paint

Completely different from polished concrete floor, epoxy floor brings high aesthetics with attractive colors. But not everyone can understand all the advantages, disadvantages and uses of color on the surface.

3 advices about how to choose epoxy floor paint for warehouse

Warehouse is central area of factory, where there is a large flow of people and vehicles. Therefore, using epoxy paint is urgent need to protect warehouse floor surface. So what are the benefits of epoxy paint? How to choose quality epoxy paint with reasonable price?

How to make your warehouse floor look cleaner and easy to clean?

According to a research implemented by Staples Corporation, 94% of workers said they feel more productive in a clean work environment. 77% said that they feel they can create a higher quality of work. Clean is an important factor that motivates workers work more actively. So, do not forget to clean working area, especially the warehouse floor area – where it has a large flow of people and vehicles. How to make your warehouse floor look clean and hygienic?

How to choose quality epoxy paint manufacturers?

On the market today, epoxy paint is produced by many domestic and foreign businesses. But not all industrial paint products have reasonable price and good product quality. So how do investors and factories choose a quality epoxy paint manufacturer? Let’s find out with APT in this article below!

Application process of PU KERAGUARD ADG20 of APT Vietnam

KERAGUARD ADG20 is two-component Polyurethane coating system, can resistant to UV. The coating after hardening has high antibacterial, prevent the growth of microscopic organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae and other living plants.

The construction process of APT’s lined epoxy paint

Lined epoxy paint is widely applied in factories in industrial zones. Paint is used for much different purpose such as separating production areas, warning areas, walkways… The variety of colors of epoxy paint is a plus point to help factory has have a vivid and clear description when separate areas.

APT’s water-based epoxy paint - Moisture resistant 12 – 18%

Concrete floor surface after construction is strong but if floor does not have moisture resistant nylon, the water that accumulates below the floor will be pushed to the surface. If using normal epoxy paint, the moisture will be blocked by resin surface that causing blistering. Without high moisture resistant ability, the surface is attacked easily by moisture, seriously affecting to floor and costly to repair.

What are differences between epoxy paint and paint contain epoxy component?

The product diverse on the market is an opportunity to help businesses easily find a concerte floor protection solution. But it does not mean that every product meets the required standards. If you do not choose carefully, you can easily use unknown origin products. In this article, APT will help you a clear understand about epoxy paint product and how to choose the best epoxy paint.

Why should use epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121 for stairs?

Besides being used for warehouse floor, basement… KERASEAL ADO121 is also used a lot for stair areas. With solvent-free component, KERASEAL ADO121 makes the difference from normal paints. So what are the advantages of KERASEAL ADO121 when applied on stair? Let’s find out with APT in the article below!