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Self-leveling epoxy coating – The best solution for concrete floor

On the market today, self-leveling epoxy paints are known as high cost floor paint product and quality is better than normally coating paints. But few people know that paint is also known as the optimal solution to protect concrete floor for special areas such as clean rooms, laboratories in food factories, hospital…

Chemical resistant epoxy paint - High quality chemical resistant paint of APT Vietnam

The appearance of KERAGUARD VL100 will not only give APT Vietnam's customers many choices of high quality and outstanding chemical resistant products, but also ensure the professionalism of APT Vietnam in the field of chemical resistance and protection of concrete surfaces in harsh conditions.

Which corrosion epoxy paint is good for chemical factory floors?

KERAGUARD VL100 is one of the best corrosion resistant paint products available today that meets the ability to resist corrosion due to external influences, good aesthetics as well as wear resistance.

Metal corrosion resistant epoxy coating for tank

On the market today, corrosion resistant paint product from epoxy resin is widely used in chemical factories. But not everyone can understand about these paint products.

Epoxy paint for basement floor - The application process of epoxy coating for basement floor

How does the application process of epoxy coating on basement floor? So what are the advantages of applying basement floor paint?

How much does epoxy paint cost for 1m2?

Concrete floor surface is an area where people and vehicles are often moving. So, in order to make concrete floor avoids from abrasion, many factories choose epoxy paint. But not everyone can understand about this paint line.