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APT’s water-based epoxy paint - Moisture resistant 12 – 18%

Concrete floor surface after construction is strong but if floor does not have moisture resistant nylon, the water that accumulates below the floor will be pushed to the surface. If using normal epoxy paint, the moisture will be blocked by resin surface that causing blistering. Without high moisture resistant ability, the surface is attacked easily by moisture, seriously affecting to floor and costly to repair.

What are differences between epoxy paint and paint contain epoxy component?

The product diverse on the market is an opportunity to help businesses easily find a concerte floor protection solution. But it does not mean that every product meets the required standards. If you do not choose carefully, you can easily use unknown origin products. In this article, APT will help you a clear understand about epoxy paint product and how to choose the best epoxy paint.

Why should use epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121 for stairs?

Besides being used for warehouse floor, basement… KERASEAL ADO121 is also used a lot for stair areas. With solvent-free component, KERASEAL ADO121 makes the difference from normal paints. So what are the advantages of KERASEAL ADO121 when applied on stair? Let’s find out with APT in the article below!

5 factors need to know before choosing anti-static paint for factory

To avoid negative effects from magnetic field in workspace, electronic component manufacturers choose many solutions to prevent charge. In which, anti-static epoxy floor is considered as one of the best solutions that almost component manufacturers use. But in fact, after a short time of use

Enhance floor life with chemical resistant epoxy paint KERAGUARD VL100

The large traffic of people, trucks, machines and equipment is the reason why many factories care about concrete floor life. Epoxy paint is considered the best solution received by the market. But choosing a good product is not easy. Especially, for floor areas in chemical manufacturers, besides wear and abrasion resistance, the floor also requires good chemical resistance.

5 factors affecting the choice of chemical resistant epoxy paint for factories

Epoxy paint is known as a widely used product in factories. However, in special environment, contact to a lot of chemicals during production and cleaning process, normal epoxy products do not achieve high chemical resistance. So, to improve the uses of epoxy products, chemical resistant epoxy paint has been researched and developed.

Answer 6 questions of factory when buying epoxy paint for construction on ceramic tiles

If in the past, factories used ceramic tiles, today, to ensure the quality of floor surface as well as the standards in the ISO quality management system, many factories transfer to use epoxy floor. Can epoxy paint be used on ceramic tile floors? What are construction steps? APT received many questions during customer consultation. In this article, we will help you answer to all questions. Let’s find out with APT!

APT epoxy paint and the applications in industry and commerce

APT epoxy paint is designed as a concrete surface protection coating system, widely used in industry and commerce. Each paint line has different advantages and features, suitable for each project. This thing causes many customer confused during choosing products. So what paint lines does APT have?

APT epoxy paint – Optimizing customer demand from product diversity

APT epoxy paint is known as a multi-choice concrete protection solution, which is interested by many investors, factories on the market. Therein, some products which are highly valued on the market are:

9 advantages of APT’s epoxy paint

Known as the most comprehensive solution for concrete surface, APT’s epoxy paint has been present in thousand projects from industrial to commercial such as factories, trade center, basement, hospital… Beside high antibacterial, epoxy paint also provides a finishing coating with many advantages.