APT epoxy paint and the applications in industry and commerce

APT epoxy paint is designed as a concrete surface protection coating system, widely used in industry and commerce. Each paint line has different advantages and features, suitable for each project. This thing causes many customer confused during choosing products. So what paint lines does APT have? How is application of APT paint in industry and commerce? APT will find out with you in article below!

APT’s basic epoxy paint lines

Understanding about characteristics of each project, APT has effort to diverse products in all fields, optimize customer demand. The system includes 6 main products that are highly evaluated by market: solvent-based epoxy paint, water-based epoxy paint, anti-static epoxy paint, anti-corrosion paint, concrete repair mortar and waterproofing.

Solvent-based epoxy paint is solvent-based protective coating for concrete surface, has wear and abrasion resistance, antibacteria and resistant to general chemical.

Water-based epoxy paint is coating with low VOC content. This is breathable coating system, it used in the high moisture areas. The product is safe and friendly with people and using environment.

Anti-static epoxy paint: Besides basic feature of epoxy paint, this paint line has good anti-static ability at resistances from 10^4 to 10^6Ω and good dispersion at resistances from 10^6 to 10^9Ω. It meets EOS/ESD standard with smooth finishing.

Anti-corrosion paint: Paint can resistant to chemical at different concentration and temperature. It satisfies chemical to exposure levels: drops and spills. Good adhesion on both iron and steel surface.

Concrete repair mortar: Overcome defects and damages on concrete floor surface before applying coating. Paint has good adhesion on different surfaces.

Waterproofing: Can withstand water pressure, continuous waterproofing, non toxic, high adhesion and bonding to constructed surface, easy and fast construction.


Application of APT epoxy paint in industry

In industry now, there are many manufacturers that have changed flooring materials such as Ceramic tile, natural wood, and industrial wood to APT’s epoxy paint. Because although these materials are familiar but they also hidden many risks such as difficult to apply, high cost, low quality. Meanwhile, epoxy paint brings smooth finishing and enhances aesthetics for floor with reasonable cost.

Solvent-based epoxy paint is suitable for food and beverage productions, pharmaceutical, mechanical production, heavy industry depend on its wear and abrasion resistance, antibacteria and general chemical resistance. Typical products include solvent-based epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO20, KERASEAL ADO40, KERASEAL ADO30, solvent-free epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121;

Water-based epoxy paint is applied in concrere floor areas with high humidity. Typical products include water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20 (increasing antibacteria for wall), breathable membrane for concrete floor KERASEAL WB10 and self-leveling water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB40.

Anti-static epoxy paint is applied in electronic components manufacturers, explosives manufacturers, precision engineering due to anti-static ability. Customer can rest assured when using anti-static epoxy paint of APT because this paint line can meet EOS/ESD standard and NFPA 99A Guidelines. The paint also has outstanding features are good wear and abrasion resistances, good antibacteria, maintain ESD properties throughout the thickness of the applied system. Product system includes: KERACOTE ESP300, KERACOTE EC50 and KERACOTE EC100.

In chemical manufaturings, chemical storage tanks, chemical storage where many chemicals dropped, floor should be used anti-corrosion paint of APT such as KERAGUARD VR300, KERAGUARD VL100, KERAGUARD ADG200 and KERAGUARD ADG70. Paint has good chemical resistance in high temperature environment, corrosion resistance with many chemicals, and long term protection against a wide range of chemicals.

With high humidity areas such as water storage tanks, basements, and toilet in factories, waterproofing paint is widely applied due to its ability to resistant to water pressure and water excluding structure. Besides, paint can withstand bending force to ensure continuous waterproofing and easy to apply even in difficult conditions. Product system includes KERACRETE ADF100 and KERACRETE MB100.

Application of APT epoxy paint in commerce

In trading centers, showrooms, hospitals, cleanrooms, floor tile is the most common used material for floor becausse of their low cost and easy to apply. However, tiles have tile circuit, difficult to clean and low bacteria resistance. So many project owners believe in epoxy paint to replace floor tiles.

For plaza decks, solvent-based epoxy paint is widely used because of its smooth finishing, create aesthetics for floor, easy to clean, making the floor cleaning quickly. Good wear and abrasion resistance, suitable for areas with high traffic volumn.

For basements, garages, buildings can use KERASEAL ADO121. This is solven-free product so it is few odors when application in poorly ventilated environment.

For hospital which requires high hygiene, self-leveling paints KERASEAL ADO30 and KERASEAL ADO40 are the most suitable due to their good antibacteria, easy to clean and attractive colors.

In addition, APT epoxy paint is also used for floor of gallery, car showroom, car repair facilities, food services, hallways, playgrounds, gyms, swimming pools. With hard, smooth surface, epoxy paint not only protects concrete floor but also reflects light, increase aesthetics for floor.


It can be seen that, whether in industry or commerce, APT epoxy paint always does great job. Diverse application is a point that helps APT epoxy paint to bring many optimal options for customers. To find the right products, investors, factories immediately contact APT at Tel 0904 339 299! We are always ready to listen and companion with you.