5 important notes when applying epoxy paint in humid weather

Temperature and humidity is one of the most important factors affecting the quality of surface in general and epoxy paint in particular. Especially, when the weather is humid, the humidity increases, the finish peels off, bringing many problems. But we cannot always apply paint under standard temperature and humidity conditions. Can epoxy paint be applied in humid weather? Although the answer is yes but the constructor should have certain knowledge about temperature and humidity to accurately assess the appropriate time for construction and product. Let APT share with you in the article below!

Problems happen when appyling epoxy paint in humid weather

Drying time is an important factor for paint to adhere effectively to the surface. If it cannot be done quickly enough, the paint will not be able to create a hard and high aesthetics coating. Meanwhile, humid weather increases the humidity in the air, causing epoxy paint to take a long time to dry. The phenomenon of condensation on concrete also affects the bonding ability of material or adhesion in each coating layer.

Long drying time can lead to reduced factory productivity. In some cases, if you have to do again, you will have to face problems due to delayed construction progress, increases labor and maintenance costs. 

Another problem that can happen when applying paint in humid condition is that the epoxy paint surface becomes blurred and loses its gloss. This phenomenon appears obaque with white and beige coatings and causes a lack of gloss with colored coatings.


5 important notes when applying epoxy paint in humid weather

Moisture-sensitive paint system should not be used. Air humidity is higher than the manufacturer’s recommended level in the specification.

Humid weather is an opportunity for moisture to condense on the concrete surface. Don’t forget to completely dry the surface before applying paint.

In poorly ventilated areas, using ventilation fans, industrial dehumidifiers within a few hours before and after construction can also remove moisture on the surface and shorten drying time of material.

Note the construction time during the day. Normally, during the middle of the day, temperature increases and humidity decreases. You should start apply early in the morning to reduce the moisture condenses on the new paint to help the surface dries faster when humidity drops in the afternoon.

View weather forecast and check the reality weather before application. If the weather is humid for many days, with strong wind and heavy rain, the construction plan should be postponed to another day, in order to shorten the construction progress and reduce repair and maintenance costs.

Applying with many thin paint layers is also a small suggestion to help surface dries quickly. Apply thin layer will take time, but you will be satisfied more with the result. 

Limit the application in outdoor areas, swimming pool, water tanks and chemical tanks. There are places with high humidity during the humid season.

KERASEAL ADO121 – A stabilizing quality solution in short-term humid weather

In ideal construction conditions, maximum relative air humidity is 85%, you can completely assured about quality of finish surface. However, in some urgent cases you still have to apply in humid environment; KERASEAL ADO121 is a stable solution for you. This product is researched and developed by APT. With 100% solid content, solvent free, KERASEAL ADO121 is optimal more than common solvent-based epoxy paint products. KERASEAL ADO121 shortens drying time on mildly humid days, helping you save 50% on repair and maintenance costs.

The product scores point with advantages such as

  • Smooth and glossy surface, high aesthetics.
  • Withstand the traction of shaping tape
  • General chemical resistance.
  • Low odor, easy to apply in poorly ventilated environment.