Maintenance of APT epoxy floors after construction

Epoxy floor is one of the ideal choices for many factories, hospitals, trade centers, outdoor areas such as sport fields, competition floors… Besides durability and aesthetics, APT epoxy floors are also highly appeciated for their antibacterial and easy to clean. But in reality, if not clean in right way, the floor can easily blister, change color… How to maintain APT epoxy floor with the best way? Don’t forget 6 experiences right away!

1. Pay attention for curing time of APT epoxy floor

At least after 5 days of construction, APT paint is completely dry. During this time, factories should travel lightly. Avoid using cleanser on floor surface.

2. Clean the floor regularly 

To keep the surface bright and smooth, the factory needs to maintenance and cleaning regularly. However, it is not necessary to deeply clean the surface everyday. The factory should maintain cleaning the floor with mop and damp cloth once a week.

3. Select epoxy floor cleaning products 

Although has high durability, not all cleaning products are suitable for APT epoxy floors. You should choose natural detergrents or detergents with low pH. They not only having a clean effect but also help the floor minimize the growth of bacteria and mold. Do not use solutions containing strong acids, which will cause the epoxy paint layer to peel off.

In case the floor is slightly contaminated, the simplest way is to use alkaline cleaner rinsing with clean water. If using cleaner, test them on a small area before applying them to the retire floor. 

For tire marks on the floor in the garage, if not cleaned, grease can easily accumulate and difficult to remove. However, handle the tire marks once a week is enough. Remember that you do not need to scrub your floor every time you see an oil stain. This will cause the floor to lose its natural shine. Concrete degreaser can be usesd for these areas.


4. Select cleaning equipment 

You should use towel, mop or brush to clean the surface. Avoid using sharp objects on the floor surface.

5. Protect APT epoxy floor surface with surface protection sheet 

For areas that are frequently impacted by carts and folklifts, surface protection sheet should be used before operating. Avoid letting the wheel impacting directly on the surface or dragging objects will scratch the surface.

6. Clean chemical stains on epoxy floors 

APT epoxy floor are resistant to general chemical. Therefore, you can completely rest assured to clean it by normal methods.

For areas frequently exposed to chemical with temperature and concentration higher than normal level such as chemical factory, thermal power factory, the best way is to choose flooring that is resistant to higher chemicals.

With diverse product system, APT’s chemical resistant epoxy paint can resistant to chemical with different tempurature and concentration. Good use for both floor and tank areas, is suitable for concrete, steel and iron. 

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