Common colors of epoxy floor paint

Completely different from polished concrete floor, epoxy floor brings high aesthetics with attractive colors. But not everyone can understand all the advantages, disadvantages and uses of color on the surface. Let’s search with APT 6 common colors of epoxy floor paint and their uses in the article below!


If asked, what color shade would you use for epoxy floors? We believe that many people choose white color. Because in the opinion of many people, white color will help surface becomes shiny, creates feeling of cleanliness and bacteria resistance.

But in fact, it is not entirely true. White epoxy floor has disadvantage of turning yellow by the time. So, although they are popular colors, present in almost paint products of many brands, but they are not an optimal and cost-effective choice.

If factory often uses this color, regularly improving and upgrading the factory, you can still use white epoxy floor. During construction, it should be noted, appy from 2 – 3 topcoats to increase the coverage for floor surface. Regularly clean during use to improve life, as well as minimize grease and dirt on the surface.



This is special color shade. Some types have metallic shine, smooth and vivid surface. Paint is often used in areas such as theatre room, stage at TV station, ceiling, wall, and walls in coffee shop or draw lines…


However, they should not be used for the whole floor surface in garages, warehouse. These areas often have a lot of vehicle movements, so it is easy to create dust, rolling marks of cars and trolleys. Black color does not hide these defects.

To produce this product, you have to make reservation with manufacturer. Normally, goods will be provided after 4 – 7 required days.


There are 2 types of color Green and Blue. Depend on color proportion; paint component of each brand, the color will have differences in pigment. 

In fact, they are widely applied and maximize their inherent advantages. The fresh green color is a plus point that helps them score point in every areas in the factory. Good use in areas such as warehouse, storage tank, production area, clean room, laboratory… This is the most common color of epoxy floor paint.



Yellow is used on the epoxy floor to separate the path and production areas, the warning areas, and the parking area in the basement. 



Gray is also used quite commonly, popularly, suitable with every area in the factory. Depend on paint component and color proportion, the paint has different weight of color.


Red is considered the most outstanding color in all color system in general and in epoxy paint color system in particular. Therefore, paint is “default” used in hazardous and explosive warning areas in the factory.

In the civil field, paint is also used in house, showroom and shopping mall. Smooth surface, brings strength, personality and high sharpness.


Some common colors for epoxy floor paint of APT are chosen by many factories

Gray (GRAY 7038)


Gray (GRAY 7035) 


Green (GREEN 6013)


         Green (GREEN 6029)

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