Everything you should know about why epoxy floor surface lose their gloss

Epoxy paint is becoming popular for many factories because of their high application in areas. However, in some cases, after application, epoxy floor lose their gloss. So what is the cause of this phenomenon? How do you overcome? How to prevent this phenomenon? Let’s find out with APT in this article below!

The reason why floors lose their gloss after construction

· High air humidity: Air humidity in construction area > 85%, this leads the moisture in the air blurring mateiral surface during curing process. 

· Unventilated construction area: After application, epoxy floor needs time to dry. However, being in unventilated areas will slow down the drying process of paint, allowing moisture to penetrate. The surface after application loses their gloss. 

· Mixing material with wrong ratio causes the paint takes long time to dry, affecting the paint surface. 

· Mixing the wrong type of hardener. 

· During the construction process, the paint is spread unevenly.

How to fix a floor surface that loses their gloss

In case epoxy floor loses their gloss after application or after a long period of use, surface needs to be scratched with sandpaper or suitable blade. Sandpaper helps to remove the old paint layer, dust and imperfection on the surface. After that, the constructor should apply 1 coating on the area that lost its gloss.


How to prevent the epoxy floor surface from losing their gloss

1. Absolutely comply about air humidity conditions in construction area according to the advice of manufacturer. If apply in unventilated environment, dehumidifier, air conditioners (if possible) should be used to reduce humidity during construction process and curing time of material.

Notes: Fan blowing directly should not be used in construction area if working in high air humidity.

 2. About mixing: mixing right type of hardener and solvent according to the ratio given by the manufacturer. During construction process, the constructor should spread the paint evenly on the floor surface to help to homogene the gloss surface after construction. 

3.  Follow the construction process correctly, ensuring complete application with full steps, enough layers, enough drying time frim primer to finish. 

Some products of APT brings smooth and glossy surface

APT has epoxy paint system brings smooth and glossy finish, increase aesthetics for factory floor. These include solvent-free epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121, solvent-based epoxy paint such as KERASEAL ADO20, KERASEAL ADO30 or water-based epoxy paint such as KERASEAL WB20.

KERASEAL ADO121 is a two component solvent and phenol free multi-purpose, epoxy resin floor coating system. It has been designed to provide protection to floors in light to medium duty applications and has smooth and glossy finish. KERASEAL ADO121 is widely used in food and beverage production, showroom and decoration, engineering production and aircraft maintenance.

KERASEAL ADO20 is a two component solvent-based phenol, epoxy resin floor system. It is available no circuit and glossy finish. This product is used in pharmaceutical production, precision engineering manufacture, the basement and trade center.

KERASEAL ADO30 is self leveling epoxy resin system. It has been designed to provide protection to new or old floors in light to medium duty applications. KERASEAL ADO30 brings smooth and glossy finish, easy to clean, high self leveling so it is chosen by pharmeceutical production, hospital and other clean areas.

KERASEAL WB20 is water-based epoxy resin system, smooth and glossy finish. KERASEAL WB20 is fewer odors, non-toxic, create a safe construction environment; create surface ventilation for steam to escape. It is suitable for area required high hygene such as clean room, laboratories in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, health care, kitchen.z3372504383671_828569ab51194dbd7353b5934bccbd52

To understand more and identify the floor problem during and after construction, as well as find a suitable solution for each problem, investors and factories contact APT at phone number 0904 339 299!