Are you having trouble with chemical corrosion on concrete floor?

Reduce aesthetics, damage the concrete structure, difficult to clean be problems that factories encounter when concrete floors are corroded by chemical. Although using many cleaning methods, the floor cannot improve this situation. Therefore, many factories find solution to protect concrete floor with epoxy paint. But not all epoxy paint products are suitable for floor surface. Let APT helps you to find the best solution!

How to find the best anti-corrosion solution for concrete floor?

Strength of use is considered an important factor to help you determine the type of epoxy material used for the floor. Usually, the strength of chemical use on the floor surface is estimated at the level of falling. Floor is often affected by chemical when workers and carts moving. Besides, the operation of machinery is also an opportunity for chemical to corrode the concrete floor surface.

Chemical ranges from fuels to cleaning and disinfectant preparations, food products and ingredients, natural and synthetic fats and oils, acids, alkalis and strong solvent. Each epoxy paint product will resistant to chemical at different temperature and concentration. They are completely resitant to chemical at low temperature but may decompose when exposed to dilute concentration of the same chemical at higher temperature.


The best solution to protect concrete floor from chemical corrosion

Not only requiring good chemical resistance, concrete floor also requires antibacterial, wear resistance, abrasion resistance and high aesthetics. But in reality, tile floors and vinyl ester floors on the market do not meet all of these factors. Tile floors are brittle, fragile and not resistant to chemical. Vinyl ester FRP floors can resistant to chemical with high temperature and concentration but are colorless and poor wear resistance.

Understanding this, APT has researched and developed epoxy novolac paint KERAGUARD VL100. This product is designed with 2-component, 100% solid, epoxy coating sytsem, is suitable for horizontal surface construction.

KERAGUARD VL100 is highly appreciated by many investors for its advantages such as:

·  Good protection and abrasion resistance. 

· Good chemical resistance.

· Low odor.

· Increase abrasion resistance when broadcast with silica sand. 

· Attractive color. 

Types of factories need to use chemical resistance paint for floor KERAGUARD VL100

· Chemical manufacturing. 

· Chemical storage.

· Food and beverage production.


Address to buy anti-corrosion epoxy paint for floor KERAGUARD VL100

APT Vietnam is direct manufacturer of chemical resistant epoxy paint KERAGUARD VL100. We have been providing product for many projects on the market with competitive price. When purchasing directly from APT, you will get:

· On-site support and consulting to choose suitable and saving cost solution. 

· Delivery with complete products according to the designed system.

· Technical support to ensure construction work can proceed smoothly.

· Follow closely the progress of the project during construction.

For direct advice and quote, please contact APT Vietnam at phone number 0904 339 299!