3 advices about how to choose epoxy floor paint for warehouse

Warehouse is central area of factory, where there is a large flow of people and vehicles. Therefore, using epoxy paint is urgent need to protect warehouse floor surface. So what are the benefits of epoxy paint? How to choose quality epoxy paint with reasonable price? Let APT share with you 3 advices about how to choose epoxy floor paint for warehouse in the article below!

Why should use epoxy floor paint for warehouse?

A warehouse meets hygiene standard needs to be clean, bright and clearly devided in the path, danger warning areas… With resin component and curing compound, epoxy floor paint brings no circuit coating with high aesthetics. The variety of colors creates a clear difference between goods area, path, and helps workers to manipulate and move easier.

Epoxy paint like a protective barrier that prevents dust filtering concrete surface. Good wear and abrasion resistance, minimizing the negative impact from people and vehicles moving on the floor.


Notes when choosing epoxy floor paint for warehouse

Cost-effective product

In fact, the epoxy paint market is diverse. If do not understand about product, you are easy to choose a product that is not suitable for the using purpose. Our advice is for warehouse and factory area, they should use coating products. Because warehouse area is large, coating epoxy paint has simple construction process, coating thickness depends on the valuation of concrete quality and surface impact factors. You can apply with low consumption standard but still ensure to resist abrasion, protect concrete floor. Cost savings than other paint products.


Prestigious brand

Prestigious brand is decisive factor to the floor quality after construction. A manufacturer has poor quality or an unprofessional contractor will bring trouble about repairing cost, finishing time as well as productivity. Do not forget to search carefully about product quality and contractor unit before choosing.

Concrete floor condition

For standard concrete floor, concrete floor moisture is 10%, wet concrete should use water-based epoxy paint with high moisture resistance.

Which APT epoxy paint should be used for warehouse area?

KERASEAL ADO121 is an optimal epoxy paint for warehouse area. Solvent-free component makes the surface smooth and harder than solven-based paint. Paint is highly appreciated with advantages such as:

  • Good wear and abrasion resistance.
  • High bacteria resistance.
  • Attractive color. Good use in marking the dividing line for path and danger warning areas in warehouse.
  • Especially: Withstand the traction of shaping tape.
  • Increase concrete floor life from 3 – 5 years.

Prestigious and quality address to buy epoxy paint for warehouse

APT Vietnam is a direct manufacturer of epoxy floor paint KERASEAL ADO121. We have been providing products for many projects in the market with competitive price. When you buy directly from our factory, you will get:

On-site support & advice to choose suitable and cost-effective solution.

Delivery with a full range of products according to designed system.

Technical support to facilitate the construction work.

Follow the project progress during construction.

For advice & direct quotation, please contact APT Vietnam at Tel 0904 339 299!