3 difficult problems during application and using white epoxy floor

Customers do not often use white epoxy floor. But due to the requirements of the manufacturing industry, some producing areas must use white color. This brings more difficulties for factories during application and use compared to normal paint colors. So what’re those difficulties? Let’s find out with APT in the article below!

1. During the construction of white epoxy floor

White coating layer tend to reflect light, so it is difficult to realize any problems during construction. The constructor is easy to miss uneven marks, pinholes, even dust and small garbage on the finished surface.


2. During the curing time of white epoxy floor

The next problem with white epoxy floor is that any imperfections on the concrete surface are appeared easily when paint surface is cured. If the sunshine on the floor from an inclination, it is easy to see zigzag (floor wave). In the normal case, a small pinhole cannot be seen on a grey floor but leaves a mark on white surface after curing.


3. During the using time of white epoxy floor

Maintenance becomes difficult with white epoxy floor. Like a white shirt, white epoxy floor is easy to turn yellow overtime. No matter how well you clean them, these floors will lose their white luster. So, if you want an original white surface, the time to repaint the floor is earlier than other floors. Do not make a small repair to avoid color difference on the floor surface.

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