4 important notes before applying factory floor paint

The factory is a place where grease and chemicals easily fall on the concrete floor, so to have a hygienic space; many factories choose industrial floor paint. But to make the construction process more convenient, let APT help customer through these 4 notes!

1. Check moisture of concrete floor

The humidity of the concrete floor must reach the permissible level before it can be applied. With solvent-based epoxy coating system, the applicable floor humidity is <5%. With water-based epoxy coating system, floor humidity can be applied below 8% - 10%. In addition, some water-based paints can withstand humidity of concrete floors <18%.


2. Do not apply when the air humidity is too high

Not in all weather conditions, customer can also apply the paint. Because water-based paint which can withstand humidity up to 18%, cannot be applied when the weather is too humid. The floor will appear blistering and long-drying. The constructor needs to pay attention not to do the construction when it rains, it rains for many days.

3. Do not apply when the weather is too hot

Paint always takes some time in liquid form to absorb into the surface. If applied when the outdoor temperature is too high, the paint will change suddenly, evaporate quickly, reduce adhesion and easily peel off after the construction process.


4. Construction area should be well ventilated

If apply paint in close areas with high humidity, such as basements, stairs, the constructor should pay attention to install additional ventilation fans. This is the best way to reduce the humidity in the air and help the coat dry faster.

Hopefully the above notes have helped you get more useful information. For advice and technical support on epoxy floor paint, please contact APT Vietnam immediately at 0904 339 299!