4 notes when apply epoxy paint for factories

Epoxy paint is used in many factories in industrial zones. The paint is antibacterial, wear resistance, hard and smooth surface with a variety of color options. But in reality, floors still meet serious problems such as peeling off, blistering or air bubbles. This has a significant impact on the quality of the project. So what should be noted for the construction of the factory before using epoxy paint for the factory? Let's find out with APT in the article below!

Quality of concrete floor before applying epoxy paint for factory

Moisture-resistant nylon: Concrete is lined with moisture-resistant nylon during construction to minimize moisture on the floor surface. Then, must be maintained and allowed to dry after 28 days, surface hardness> 25 N / mm2.

Floor humidity: When the floor humidity > 6%, paint can be applied. If the humidity is between 7-18%, the factory needs to use water-based paint to allow the steam to escape, creating a breathable membrane for the concrete floor.

Surface preparation: Concrete floor surface should be flat and smoothed with an industrial rubbing machine, using a vacuum cleaner to clean. Then use specialized adhesive to seal cracks, pitting.


Outside temperature

Weather is an important factor affecting the epoxy coating process. Especially, in the North, weather is humid, damp and rainy, which will affect the dry time of the floor. In case the air humidity is too high> 90%, the factory should not apply paint. If applying in a less airy environment, the constructor should use a ventilation pipe, which reduces paint odor, as well as the humidity temperature.

Paint type & quality

Besides the notes about the temperature and humidity, the factory should consider the type of paint. Because each paint will have different features and uses, for floors often affected by equipment, machinery, and large trucks, it is necessary to use self-leveling epoxy paint with a thickness of 2 - 5 mm. For factories with the impact of magnetic fields should use antistatic epoxy paint with good antistatic ability and electrostatic dispersion. In addition, the selection of a reputable and quality paint company also helps construction after apply to have a smooth surface, hard, scratch-resistant, good moisture resistance and absolute adhesion.

Using instructions of epoxy paints from the manufacturer

Epoxy paint usually has 2 components A and B. During the mixing process, the constructor needs to mix in accordance with the ratio, limit subdivision of materials during construction. Do not splash the material or mix for too long as this will create air bubbles in the mixture.


Where customer should applied the reputable and quality epoxy paint?

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