4 popular epoxy floor paints on the market

Industrial floor paint, also known as epoxy paint has long been the most optimal solution to help factories protect the surface of concrete floors. But in reality, epoxy floor paints are very diverse. Depending on the purpose of use, investors and contractors choose the right paint. So what are the types of epoxy paints? Where should customer buy the most reputable epoxy paint? Let's find out with APT in the article below!


What kinds of paints are included in epoxy floor paints?

  • Solvent-based epoxy paint is a two-component paint system, formed by solvent-based system. This is the most used paint today because of its hard surface, good abrasion and impact resistance. Beautiful glossy paint with a variety of bright colors, it gives a cleanliness and hygiene feeling. In addition, the simple construction process does not require high technology is also a big plus point with this paint line.
  • Water-based epoxy paint is a two-component coating using water-based paint thinner. Water-based paint was born after solvent-based paint and has many outstanding advantages. They have ability to create breathable membranes for concrete. This helps concrete floors to apply well even when the humidity measured on the floor is between 8-10%. 
  • Antistatic epoxy coating is a product system includes high resistance epoxy coating combined with grounded copper tape, helping to control electrostatic phenomenon on surface after application. Antistatic paints are often used in places contact to a lot of magnetic fields such as electronic components assembly and manufacturing factories, explosives factories, aircraft maintenance and manufacturing zones ...
  • Chemical resistant epoxy coating is a coating system with a chemical resistance component. Each chemical resistant product line will be used under different conditions, UV, chemical and acid resistant. They are often used in chemical factories, water tanks, wastewater treatment tanks, tank belts, vertical walls and floor areas.

Why should investors and contractors buy epoxy floor paint from APT Vietnam?

  • APT Vietnam is a manufacturer of construction chemicals with 10 years of experience.
  • Our products are among the top 3 best quality products in the domestic market. Present in major countries such as Thailand, Singapore, China, Cambodia, ...
  • Diversify product lines of solvent-based paints, water-based paints, chemical resistant paints, anti-static paints.
  • The consultant is enthusiastic, dedicated, and understands customer needs.
  • Continuously providing technical assistance during construction.


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