4 reasons for poor quality epoxy floor after construction

To protect concrete floor, many factories choose industrial floor paint. But after construction process, the paint layer still does not meet the requirement. Paint has air bubble phenomenon, the paint color is uneven, blistering and peeling. So what causes of these situations? Let’s find out with APT in this article below!

Epoxy paint quality

Epoxy paint quality is the first factor affects project quality. Although there are many manufacturers on the market today but not all manufacturers give quality product. Many times with the same type of paint but in order to gain benefits, brands using poor quality input materials, wrong mixing ratio leading to the surface after construction does not meet color standard, easy to scratch and peel after a short time.

Comparison about scratch resistance between APT's epoxy paint and poor quality epoxy paint

Construction technology

If you just learn about coating products, you will find they are quietly easy to apply and do not require much technology. But in fact, epoxy paint is diverse, suitable for different factories. Self-leveling, chemical resistant paint products require higher construction technology. For example with self-leveling, if the constructor does not use spiked roller carefully during construction process, then after construction, it is easy to have air bubble phenomenon, making concrete surface is bad and waste repairing cost. Areas such as chemical storage tanks with high concentration, poor ventilation, are difficult to apply without good technology.

Furthermore, with fast curing paint such as KERASEAL ADO121, during construction process, if construction unit add too much solvent (>5%) and apply it slowly, paint cannot achieve a smoothness as require. In addition, the layering time is slow, making paint even in the same patch but still have different colors.

Product consumption

Each product will have different consumption to achieve a beautiful coating. So if the construction unit does not follow the instruction of manufacturer, cutting down the amount of paint to consume, it will decrease the adhesion as well as the wear and abrasion resistance of paint.

Construction of APT's epoxy paint

Quality of concrete floor

Normally, to apply epoxy paint, concrete floor needs to achieve surface hardness > 25N/mm2 and floor humidity

What does factory need to do to have concrete floor with the best quality?

· Choose a quality paint manufacturer.

· Choose a reputable construction unit.

· Concrete must be covered with a moisture resistant nylon during construction.

· With concrete floor above this level, factories should transfer to water-based paints. Because these products can resist moisture up to 18%, can attract moisture, create breathing membrane for concrete.

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