5 factors affecting the choice of chemical resistant epoxy paint for factories

Epoxy paint is known as a widely used product in factories. However, in special environment, contact to a lot of chemicals during production and cleaning process, normal epoxy products do not achieve high chemical resistance. So, to improve the uses of epoxy products, chemical resistant epoxy paint has been researched and developed. The coating resistant to corrosion by many chemicals and protects the surface from contamination.

Factories apply chemical resistant epoxy paint

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Dye manufacturing
  • Food & beverage production
  • Chemical storage area

Factors affecting the choice of chemical resistant epoxy paint for factories

Like normal epoxy paint product lines, chemical resistant epoxy paint has a lot of choices. In order to choose suitable product, the factory is not only focus on surface aesthetics but also needs to pay attention to factors such as:

Temperature and concentration of chemical in factory

Each chemical resistant epoxy paints can resistant to chemical at different temperature and concentration. They are completely resistant to solid chemical at low temperature but can be decomposed when contact with chemical has thinner concentration of the same chemical at higher temperature.

These chemical attacks can lead to negative effects on the surface. The surface is discolored, decrease gloss, low adhesion and blistering. This also decreases surface life and eventual failure under certain conditions. Therefore, all factors must be considered before choosing chemical resistant coating.

Level and duration of surface contact

Level and duration of surface contact are important factors determining the corrosion resistance of chemical resistant epoxy paint.

There are 2 types of surface contact level are full immersion (or partial immersion) and infrequent contact. Full immersion areas such as chemical storage tanks, wastewater treatment tanks, domestic water tanks… Areas of infrequent contact are areas that less affected by chemical. They are factory floor, storage areas – where chemicals are dropped, low concentration, small and infrequent contact areas.

Contact duration of full immersed chemical area is very long. Especially, for chemicals with high temperature and concentration, factories need to research carefully to find out suitable product. If product is not suitable, factories will waste a lot of repairing cost. Meanwhile, the construction in poor ventilation areas such as chemical storage tanks is very complicated, requires constructor has high technology. The chemical attack creates crack, blisters are difficult to overcome in a long time.

Surface duration is cleaned after chemical contact

Proper cleaning is an important factor when working in chemical environment. Acid and alkaline overflow accidents not only arises burning danger for employees and lead to damage to machinery, but also affecting to surface quality. If floor surface is dropped chemical in a long time and it is not cleaned by safety cleaning measures, floor is easy to corrosion, blistering, decrease surface life. Therefore, during the process of choosing chemical resistant epoxy paint, besides learning about corrosion resistance, factories need to learn about antibacterial and cleaning ability.


Surface material 

Normally, epoxy paint shows the best features when it is applied on the surfaces such as iron, steel, concrete. Each material has different properties. So, in order to make construction and use effectively, factories need to contact to manufacturer for advice and support for suitable surface protection solution and saving cost.

APT’s chemical resistant epoxy paint products are chosen by many factories

With 10 experienced years in chemical construction, APT has researched and developed many products for areas where are affected by chemical. In which, KERAGUARD VL100 and KERAGUARD VR300 are 2 products chosen by many factories.

KERAGUARD VL100 – is 2 component epoxy paint system which is designed to against acid and chemical dropped on the floor surface.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Suitable for horizontal construction with attractive colors
  • Epoxy resin component with 100% solid content, create strong bond, good deflection and high wear resistance on the floor surface
  • Resistant to many chemicals are dropped on the floor surface.
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to apply

KERAGUARD VR300 – is epoxy vinyl ester resin. It provides corrosion control to a wide variety acids and alkalis with high temperature and concentration in storage tank areas. During construction, paint can be reinforced with fiber mat (FRP) to provide moisture and corrosion resistance for surface.

Outstanding advantages:

  • Suitable for construction in areas such as wastewater and chemical storage tanks
  • Long term protection against a wide range of chemicals
  • Resistant to wide variety of chemicals

For each construction area, factories should determine in choosing products for each area. Especially, for floor area – places have frequency of vehicles, people and machinery move continuously. This requires factories need a good wear resistant product. KERAGUARD VL100 is the best choice for your factory.

For advice and direct making sample, please contact to APT at Tel 0904 339 299!