5 reasons why epoxy floors are favored at car dealership

Car dealership is a place where customers often go to learn more about products. Besides has an enthusiastic consultant team and a clean car showroom system, dealership needs to create a professional customer experience space. To achieve this, many dealerships choose epoxy floor. So what makes epoxy floor are favored in car showroom? Let’s find out with APT!

Increase aesthetics for showroom

The color choices are unlimited. Shiny surface increases depth compared to other floor materials. The contrast between showroom lighting and epoxy floor surface are not only increase aesthetics for showroom but also show the sharpness and strength of product. Epoxy floor also indirectly affects showroom sales, as well as positive experiences for customers when coming to dealership.

 In fact, we often see epoxy floor at luxury car dealership such as Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, McLaren and Tesla, Toyota and Honda. The shiny epoxy coating is a plus creates professional of showroom.


Ensure cleanness

Besides showroom, dealership even has repair and warranty service departments for customers. These are places often have oil, dust from tires, machines that soak oil and stain the floor.

Epoxy floor maximally overcome this situation, remove oil on the surface.  Surface no circuit, easy to clean every day. Repair, maintenance and replacement costs are lower than installation of equivalent floors.


Although epoxy floor has smooth and glossy surface but it is not slippery as tile floors. Limit dangers and reduce slips, collisions and falls in areas which contact with chemicals and oil spills.

Increase wear resistance

With epoxy resin component, floor has good bending resistance. This makes epoxy floor can resistant to the use of fixed machines, floating machines as well as the effect of human and vehicles. Repair areas in the dealership are free to move machines, products without worry about cracking floors.


Save repair cost 

Epoxy floor’s life from 3 – 7 years, depending on each product. But in fact, during using process, regularly maintained and cleaned, floor’s life will longer. Repair costs are more economical compared to other floors.

How long does it take for epoxy floor coating to be completed? 

Epoxy paint does not take too much time to apply. For standard concrete floors, finishing time is from 2 – 3 days. For large dealerships, large area, can be completed in parts and are scheduled on request. 

Dealership can spend time on Saturday, Sunday to apply. Due to these days, the number of employees in showrooms and repair service areas is lower than other days.


Address to buy reputable, quality epoxy paint

APT is one of the leading units about epoxy floor paint system. We understand the needs of customer and bring them the most suitable products.

A project is good when it has a suitable product about using demand, application cost and experienced application team. So, during 10 years of establishment and development, we always try our best to develop product, connect to reputable contractors with the best price.

As a manufacturer, we commit that our products are packed and stored in specified time. Products are new and are shipped continuously; help you to minimize risk from products.

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