Answer 6 questions of factory when buying epoxy paint for construction on ceramic tiles

If in the past, factories used ceramic tiles, today, to ensure the quality of floor surface as well as the standards in the ISO quality management system, many factories transfer to use epoxy floor. Can epoxy paint be used on ceramic tile floors? What are construction steps? APT received many questions during customer consultation. In this article, we will help you answer to all questions. Let’s find out with APT!

Is epoxy paint better than ceramic tile floor?

As mentioned above, epoxy paint is becoming a substitute product for ceramic tiles in factories. This can see they have outstanding advantages compared to ceramic tiles.

The first strong point of epoxy paint is high antibacterial. Before, when use ceramic tile, chemicals and greases are easily penetrated into brick circuit (groove). Meanwhile, epoxy floor is easy to clean because surface does not have connection circuit, minimizing the effect of chemicals, oil and greases.

With epoxy resin component, paint has flexion strength, wear and abrasion resistance abilities better than normal ceramic tiles.

Can epoxy paint be applied on ceramic tile floor?

The answer is yes. APT has implemented many epoxy coating projects on ceramic tile floor and received satisfaction from factories. You can be assured of the quality of floor surface after construction.

What should do before applying epoxy paint on ceramic tile floor?

Check the concrete floor:

Concrete floor moisture is an important factor that affects to the quality of epoxy floor after construction. Concrete floor should be lined with moisture resistant nylon while making concrete to minimize floor moisture. If the concrete does not have nylon, floor is easy to reverse osmosis. This leads to the floor surface when apply epoxy paint, after a short time will blister and peel.

In case concrete does not have moisture resistant nylon: Factory needs to grind the upper ceramic tiles. You should use water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20 or KERASEAL WB10. Paint can create breathing membrane for concrete floor, release accumulated vapor water on floor surface. Moisture resistant ability is 12-18%.

In case concrete has moisture resistant nylon: The measured floor moisture < 6%.

Check the temperature and humidity of the air:

Do not apply epoxy paint in weather with too high temperature. Temperature reaches 13°C-39°C.

How to overcome the epoxy floor is not flat after construction?

The undulating ceramic tile floor is reason of the uneven epoxy floor after construction. Due to previous process of applying ceramic tiles, the surface has not been handled carefully. If this problem is not discovered from the beginning, when apply epoxy paint, the surface will not be ensured the best coverage, the surface will be rough and lack of aesthetics.

To fix this problem, this must be handled skillfully. Use a grinder to grind until the tile altitudes are flat and handle the border line on the brick.

What is the fastest construction process of APT’s epoxy paint on ceramic tiles?

Although today, on the market, construction units have many methods to fix the ceramic tile surface but in order to facilitate the construction, the constructor should follow construction process:

Step 1: Handling brick circuit altitude with specialized grinder.

Step 2: Grinding to scratch the surface.

Step 3: Applying primer.

Step 4: Patching floor surface.

Notes: Old ceramic tiles floor has many joints. So, the constructor should handle carefully. Factory should use non-sagging epoxy resin KERACRETE NS50 of APT. KERACRETE NS50 is two component non-sagging epoxy resin compound. It is ideal for a variety of uses such as bedding, gap filling and concrete repair.

Step 5: Grinding the floor surface.

Step 6: Applying the basecoat.

Step 7: Applying the topcoat.

Notes: Because epoxy is applied on tile floor, should apply 2mm or more to make floor surface achieves the best coverage.

 With the above APT’s epoxy paint construction process, you can be assured of floor surface quality after construction.

Some products of APT can be used on ceramic tiles floor

KERASEAL ADO20 is two component solvent-based phenols, epoxy resin floor system. It is available no circuit and good general chemical resistance.

KERASEAL ADO121 is two component solvent and phenol free multi-purpose, epoxy resin floor coating system. It has been designed to provide protection to new or old floors in light to medium duty applications. Good adhesion surface, it does not peel off the paint membrane when pulling the tape.

KERASEAL ADO40 is phenol and solvent free self-leveling epoxy resin system. It is available flat, smooth, hardness finish and high antibacterial.

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