Application method of water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20

Water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20 is APT’s industrial paint chosen by many investors and construction contractors. But not everyone knows their standard construction procedures when the application process of this water-based paint always requires a high level of technology. So what basic steps does the construction process need? How to make the paint smooth, durable after construction? Let's find out with APT in the article below!

Mixing water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20 according to the correct process

It is recommended to use a specialized mixer with the speed approx. 300 rpm with the suitable mixing paddle. First mix part A for 2-3 minutes until material is homogeneous. Add part B slowly into part A and mix a further 2-3 minutes until mixture is homogeneous.

Do not mix for too long to avoid air bubbles during material mixing.

Note: Once this material is mixed it cannot be resealed for later use.


Application steps of water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20

·        Step 1: Cleaning concrete surface

On the concrete floor there will be a lot of dust, grease and other impurities. So in order to make construction is favorable, the first thing to do is using a vacuum cleaner to clean the concrete floor. Then use a machine to sand the entire floor surface to create flatness and foot grip for the next coating.

·        Step 2: Repairing surface

With the position of floor surface where there are concave phenomena or cracks, the constructor needs to fill with surface repair material.

·        Step 3: Applying the primer KERASEAL WB50

This is also one of the self-leveling water-based paints. They are very suitable as primers. Constructors need to use short hair roller to roll evenly. Then use spiked rollers to break air bubbles and help the paint adhere well to the concrete surface.

·        Step 4: Applying epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20

After about 4 hours of priming, customer can continue applying KERASEAL WB20. KERASEAL WB20 is applied by rolling with a short hair roller, evenly rolling the KERASEAL WB20 mixture on the prepared surface and rolling it in many times until it reaches the desired coverage.
If using airless spray, use a single line piston pump with a 20:1 ratio, using a 0.015 inch tungsten nozzle tip. It is better to add 5% more clean water to the material mixture when spraying. The standard coating thickness ranges from 1mm-3mm, depending on the intended use.

Customer can repair or clean the surface after finishing application for at least a week. KERASEAL WB20 can be easily cleaned with a neutral cleaner. Construction units should also note that construction tools and equipment must be cleaned immediately after use by clean water.

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