Application of epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO 20 in factories

KERASEAL ADO20 is solvent-based coating and this paint is familiar to industrial floors in factories today. Because of KERASEAL ADO20 brings new colors to customer factory with high aesthetics: shiny paint surface, no circuits, diversified colors and brings impression for viewer at the first sight. In addition, diversified colors are easy to flow distribution and create professionalism. And more specifically, the high gloss can help the epoxy coating save the lighting energy.

With the cheapest price, KERASEAL ADO20 is suitable for investors who need just enough features: antibacterial, chemical resistance, anti-dust and easy to cleaning and meet 5S standards in production and many other quality standards.

Factory manufacturing about packaging, garment, food, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, clean rooms, commercial center floors, apartment buildings, places with requirements on hygiene but does not require high load capacity or strong chemical resistance, KERASEALADO 20 paint is the solution that brings economic efficiency for customer.