Application process of waterproofing paint KERACRETE ADF100

KERACRETE ADF100 is a waterproofing compound to create a cement-based acrylic film, paint can protect concrete surface, remove moisture, mold, increases the life of building. They are widely used for areas such as roof, water storage tanks, swimming pool, toilet… But not everyone can understand all about this product. How to apply KERACRETE ADF100? Let APT help you to learn more in the article below!


Waterproofing ability of KERACRETE ADF100

  • Water pressure resistant, suitable for both water retaining and water excluding structures.
  • Crack bridging of cracks up to 2mm ensures the membrane deflects dynamically with the structure maintaining waterproofing performance.
  • The polymer composition of the membrane has very high bond with almost construction materials and creates a highly durable membrane, resistant to water osmotic.
  • Non-toxic, it can be used for domestic water storage tanks.
  • Application is easy and safe, even in difficult conditions.
  • Ideal materials can be primer for tanks instead of bricks and moisture resistant coatings, can be used for outside and inside areas.

Application process of KERACRETE ADF100

*Cleaning the surface:

- Repair the surface, flatten the upper surface.

- Grease: Clean with organic solvent.

- Dust: Clean with air blower or wipe.

*Application method:

Once you've finished cleaning, take the following steps:

Step 1: Mixing

Mixing takes place in a large, clean and airy space. In turn, add the liquid and powder mixture, mix until all mixture becomes homogeneous, flowing mud.

Notes: Do not add water during application.

Step 2: Moisten surface with clean water

Step 3: Applying the base coat


Use short hair roller, brush or airless spray to apply. With corner areas, it can be reinforced waterproofing fiber net to achieve the best adhesion and waterproofing ability for surface. Allow to dry at least 12 hours before applying the next steps.

Step 4: Applying the top coat

Waterproofing paint is rolled over the second time to ensure the uniform coating. Allow to dry at least 72 hours before using.

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