APT epoxy paint – Optimizing customer demand from product diversity

APT epoxy paint is known as a multi-choice concrete protection solution, which is interested by many investors, factories on the market. Therein, some products which are highly valued on the market are:

1. Self-leveling epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO40

KERASEAL ADO40 is self-leveling, solvent-free and phenol epoxy system.

With abrasion up to 0.65 mg, impact strength of 68 kg.cm, KERASEAL ADO40 can resistant wear and abrasion better than common coating paint. So they are often used in assembly lines factories and repair workshops, areas which have large load trolleys are regularly used.

In addition, with 100% solid content and self-leveling ability, KERASEAL ADO40 brings hard, smooth and easy to clean coating. This is an advantage helps KERASEAL ADO40 scores point in areas which require high antibacteria and have strict requirements about GMP standard such as hospital, laboratories, cleanroom in pharmaceutical production, food and beverage production.

2. Anti-static epoxy paint KERACOTE ESP300

KERACOTE ESP300 is self-leveling, anti-static epoxy system with standard floor surface Conductive 10^4 – 10^6Ω or Disspative 10^6 – 10^9 Ω for heavy to medium load concrete.

Paint can be used to meet EOS/ESD standards, as well as spark control requirement for explosive and flammable materials.

In addition, paint can control surface reactance within the range of charge annul and conductivity, suitable with value determined in the EOS/ESD test method of the ESD STM S7.1-2005 standard.

With good anti-static ability, KERACOTE ESP300 is often used in electronic component manufacturers. This is a place has large amount of magnetic field. KERACOTE ESP300 helps to neutralize electrical charges, as well as ensure the safety for workers, equipment and machines on factories.

3. Chemical resistant paint KERAGUARD VL100

KERAGUARD VL100 is two component novolac epoxy system with 100% solid content.

With good flowability and high efficiency with both iron and concrete, KERAGUARD VL100 is often used to protect iron and concrete surface in water tanks or general chemical tanks with low concentration.

Especially, KERAGUARD VL100 completely overcomes the fragile disadvantages of other chemical resistant paint products. With wear resistant ability up to 72kg.cm, smooth coating and diversified colors, KERAGUARD VL100 is most suitable for surface of chemical productions and chemical storage areas. Paint creates mooth surface, no joints and easy to clean.

4. Chemical resistant paint KERAGUARD ADG220

KERAGUARD ADG220 is two component epoxy system. Paint can be used as a topcoat over an epoxy mortar as a surface repair epoxy layer.

With abrasion resistance up to 0.51 mg/cm, impact resistance reaches 50 kg.cm, KERAGUARD ADG220 is often used to resistant abrasion for clean water tanks, metal roofs, resitant to textile chemicals, cleaning chemicals and industrial chemicals.

5. Water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB10

KERASEAL WB10 is water-based epoxy coating with low VOC content. Paint can create breathable membrane for concrete surface and can be used for all types of concrete floor even the moisture of floor up to 18%.

With these advantages, KERASEAL WB10 becomes the best choice for poorly ventilated areas such as basement, stairs, roofs, path… It can be used for wall of laboratories, cleanroom in pharmaceutical productions.

In addition, with low VOC content, the paint has fewer odors than solvent-based paint products so it is environmentally friendly. This is a perfect advantage to help KERASEAL WB10 scores in projects have foreigner investors. The paint dries quickly, slip resistance surface and excellent adhesion to damp, porous concrete surface.


As can be seen, APT epoxy paint is very diverse. Each product has different applications; depend on demand of each project. Therefore, the investors, contractors should consider more about characteristic product during selection process.

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