Characteristics and features of APT’s water-based epoxy paint


With the humid atmosphere of the northern weather in the spring, epoxy coating for high humidity floors with water-based epoxy systems is the best solution. The water-based paint system will help to improve as well as solve problems affecting the quality of the workshop floor.

The Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) content in a water-based coating system makes the difference!

What are VOCs in epoxy paints?

VOCs are solid or liquid organic substances that can evaporate naturally when contacted to atmospheric pressure at normal temperature. The lower the VOCs content, the faster the paint dries and the less likely it causes environmental pollution.

One of the most important advantages of water-based paints is the lower VOC content that even meets the most stringent VOC control regulations. Usually water-based paints have a VOC of less than 2 pounds / gallon (238 g / liter), but the APT’s KERASEAL WB20 coating system is only 140mg / g, meeting ISO 6272-22011.


Outstanding features of the KERASEAL WB20

  •  Less odor, non-toxic, creating a safe construction environment.
  • Easy to apply
  • Antibacterial, chemical resistance.
  • Smooth and glossy surface
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Make the surface airy, allow the steam to escape.
  • Safe for the environment
  • Tools and equipment are washed with water, reducing construction costs

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