Chemical resistant epoxy paint - High quality chemical resistant paint of APT Vietnam

In September 2017, Novolac chemical resistant epoxy system KERAGUARD VL100 was officially introduced by APT Vietnam. With its outstanding chemical resistance, KERAGUARD VL100 will meet the stringent requirements of chemical resistance industry.

KERAGUARD VL100 is a two-component chemical resistant epoxy coating system has a lot of outstanding features. Designed for industrial floors affected by acid and corrosive chemical resistance, with enhanced resistance to acids and other corrosive chemicals protecting the surface of floor coating systems, Novolac chemically resistant epoxy coating systems is available in a variety of colors for customers to choose from with its high solids content and it has been widely used in many fields than other chemical resistant coatings.

The appearance of KERAGUARD VL100 will not only give APT Vietnam's customers many choices of high quality and outstanding chemical resistant products, but also ensure the professionalism of APT Vietnam in the field of chemical resistance and protection of concrete surfaces in harsh conditions.

Outstanding advantages of chemical resistant epoxy paint KERAGUARA VL100

Good chemical resistant ability: One advantage is that KERAGUARD VL100 can resistant to many different chemicals. Paint is used for both chemical storage tanks and factory concrete floors.

Good wear and abrasion resistant ability: In fact, chemical resistant epoxy paint is brittle and easy to break. Paint is difficult to use for concrete floors – places are often subject to strong impact from trolleys, materials and machinery. But with abrasion up to 0.53mg.cm2, impact resistance of, KERAGUARD VL100 has completely overcome this weakness and becomes the first choice of floor paint project in chemical factories.


Odorless, easy to apply: In order to apply chemical resistant paint, the constructor must withstand harsh conditions due to the heavy odor of paint. Meanwhile, places such as storage tanks are too low, the fresh air is difficult to enter, and it is easy to suffocate the construction workers. With the advantage of odorless than other chemical resistant paints, KERAGUARD VL100 completely overcomes this disadvantage and gives the constructor the most ideal construction conditions.

Diversified colors: Bright and glossy colors give the factory a cleaner and more professional space.

Easy to clean: Smooth glossy coating after construction protects the concrete floor from abrasion of grease, dirt. Minimize the growth of bacteria and unwanted incidents from chemicals falling on the floor, ensuring absolute safety for workers in the factory.

Saving costs: If the chemical resistant brick products often have brick veins, easy to break during use and need constant maintenance, KERAGUARD VL100 has high adhesion and impact resistance. The application process is easy, saving the cost of tools and equipment.

Uses of chemical resistant epoxy paint KERAGUARD VL100

  • Chemical production factories.
  • Water and chemical storage tanks.
  • Chemical storage areas.
  • Food and beverage production factories.

Why should buy chemical resistant epoxy paint KERAGUARD VL100 from APT Vietnam?

  • APT Vietnam is a manufacturer of construction chemicals with 10 years of experience
  • Our products are among the top 3 best quality products in the domestic market, present in many countries in Southeast Asia such as Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, ...
  • Diversified product line of chemical resistant epoxy paints, highly appreciated in the construction of chemical resistant paints of many chemical factories.
  • The consultant is enthusiastic, dedicated and understands the needs of each chemical resistant area, helping customers to maximize cost savings.
  • Continuously providing technical support during construction.

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