Distinguish the differences between glossy paint and matte paint

Although quite popular in industrial floor construction projects, but many times customers still do not understand what is glossy paint? What is matte paint? Or which paint will suit their project better? Let find out with APT the differences between these two paint lines!

Glossy paint

Glossy paint is the paint in which the luminosity of the paint membrane is greatest when contacted to light. That means in the light we can easily see on the paint membrane as if it was coated with varnish. The advantage of this paint is that they have high gloss, good adhesion and extremely durable color. Especially they are easy to clean when there are dirt stains on the factory floor.

Matte paint

This paint has less luminosity than glossy paint, needs to observe carefully to see that the paint membrane is a bit glossy. However, this makes the factory floor more resistant to slipping.

So customer should choose glossy or matte paint? This depends a lot on the purpose of use and budget of the investor for the factory.

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