Does heat resistant paint have effect? Which one is the best?

On the market today, there are many types of heat resistant paint. Paint is used for different areas such as walls, roofs, water storage tanks, heat pipes… So what is heat resistant paint? Which one is the best? Let’s find out in the article below!

What is heat resistant paint?

Heat resistant paint is a product manufactured from membrane forming agents with high heat insulation and reflectivity factors. Paint has ability to reduce the temperature from 5 - 25°C, to cool the surface, minimizing the negative effects of the sun.


What is the best heat resistant paint?

KERA COOL COAT is product researched and developed by APT. With the composition of hollow ceramic particles, the paint has ability to reflect solar radiation, as well as reduce the roof surface temperature to 25°C. Good UV resistant ability. KERA COOL COAT can be used for both metal roof and vertical wall areas.

Advantages of heat resistant paint for metal roof KERA COOL COAT

Beside its good heat insulation and heat resistant ability, KERA COOL COAT also scores point with other advantages such as:

  • Good waterproofing ability, helps the surface prevent the intrusion of water from the outside into the house, limits dust, mold as well as increase the aesthetics.
  • Good adhesion on many types of material such as metal, brick wall, concrete, wood, plastic…
  • Content of VOC (Volatile organic compound) is lower than other paint products. This helps KERA COOL COAT causes less odor during application. Protect environment and human health.
  • Minimizing noise for metal roofs when it rains.

Notes before and after applying heat resistant paint KERA COOL COAT

Before application:

  • Stains, mold on the surface must be cleaned by chemical or mechanical methods. Especially with old wall surface, it is necessary to handle cracks, pits and old paint before applying.
  • With metal roof surface, it is necessary to use more anti-rust paint product before applying. This paint not only helps increase anti-rust ability but also improve adhesion for metal surface.
  • Vertical walls are where humidity appears, especially with old wall surfaces. So the constructor needs to use more waterproofing product before.
  • Determine mixing ratio of insulation paint for metal roof according to manufacturer’s instruction. Avoid watery paint and difficult to apply.

During application:

  • Use short-hair roller or airless spray to achieve the best coverage. For application by airless spray, a single piston pump with a 20:1 ratio may be used, using a 0.015 inch tungsten nozzle zip.
  • Can add more 5% clean water into the material to more convenient for construction process.
  • Spraying is implemented twice in perpendicular direction to create homogeneous surface and there are no pinholes on the paint membrane.

After application:

  • Clean equipment and tools by water or soap.
  • Excess materials in a liquid state causes pollution, so do not pour into drains, water or soil.

Address to buy reputable heat resistant, insulation paint

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  • Buying paint with the best price.
  • 100% genuine goods from manufacturer.
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