Concrete foundations are now widely used in factories, industrial zones; basements because they have high strength, good wear resistance, and expansion and bending strength suitable for bearing forces spaces. However, after a period of use, we will encounter signs of background degradation; early recognize these signs to take appropriate corrective measures:

Signs of pitting concrete

This phenomenon usually appears after pouring concrete, on the surface appears different sizes of pits. For small pitting types we can proceed to carve and re-plaster epoxy mortar, for large and deep stains, we should consider re-placing the concrete and review the structure below.

Signs of cracked concrete

After a period of concrete foundation, cracks can appear in many different positions such as corners, at expansion joints; the main cause of these cracks is mainly due to shrinkage of the concrete. We can overcome this by using mortar to seal the cracks.

Signs of peeling concrete background

After a period of using, many cracked, broken, peeling on the floors, especially in factories using forklifts, pallet work regularly, making the concrete floor is easy to abrasion and peeling that affect production and aesthetics. The fix is ​​quite simple: We proceed to carve away peeling and broken concrete stains, clean the area and use epoxy mortar to seal the surface.