Epoxy coating – Strong protector for all floors

Epoxy coating is a combination of two components are epoxy resin and polyamine hardener; they are mixed together before construction. After mixing, only have a certain amount of time to apply. The resin and color powder additives create color, when there is no color; it becomes a protective colorless coating for concrete floor.

An epoxy coating is ideal for finishing and protecting concrete floors

Epoxy coating creates a surface that is very hard, chemical resistant and durable. They can withstand heavy abrasion, chemicals and staining, grease in garages, manufacturing factories.

Another thing customers need to pay attention to is the percentage of solid content. This is the deciding factor for the quality of the coating, the durability of the coating compared to the cost they spend.

Basically, the percentage solids in the paint means how much chemicals will evaporate during the curing process, how much plastic will remain on the concrete surface after the construction is completed.

The most obvious difference in the comparison between solvent-based and solvent fee coating:

These two coating systems are completely different because they have different solid content. Epoxy solvent-based has 75% solid content, while solvent-free contains 100% of the solid content.

The larger the percentage of solid content; the greater the viscosity; the more durable the coating

However, with solvent-free it will be harder to apply because of high solid content, high viscosity and shorter application time but the result is excellent quality providing a protective coating for concrete. As solvent-based, is easier to apply, is possible to apply a thinner coating because of lower solid content, lower viscosity, but because of high chemical volatility, it is very heavy chemical smell during construction process.

Due to higher solids content, it is considered a real epoxy coating. Epoxy coating gives customer a thicker, more durable surface and a variety of color options. It is about 4-5 times more durable and can last for almost 10 years if customers maintain it properly. That's a big difference.

This is the long-term value of buying a product line with higher solids content, because quality epoxy coating lasts a lot longer, and in the long run it will save a lot of money.

Another advantage of epoxy coating besides its high solids content is its excellent chemical and abrasion resistance.

In short, if customers are asking for a high-strength and quality concrete floor protection then they should choose an epoxy coating with a high solid content ratio or in other words, solvent-free is the best option.