Explosion prevention in explosives materials production factories by antistatic epoxy paint KERACOTE EC100

Explosive materials production factories are places with high potential for fire and explosion because they contain many flammable materials. Fire and explosion appeared not only caused heavy damage to property as well as human lives in that factory, but also caused consequences to neighboring areas, leaving aftermaths and burdens on society.

Therefore, these factories have strict requirements and regulations on fire protection. One of them is the requirement for an antistatic control system. The antistatic system in the factory must meet EOS / ESD standards, as well as requirements for ignition control of explosive and flammable materials.

KERACOTE EC100 is one of the good solutions for antistatic control on concrete floors, helping to prevent fire and explosion in factories.

KERACOTE EC100 has ability of controlling electrical resistance on surfaces, in the range of annihilation and charge conductivity, in accordance with the value determined in the EOS / ESD test method of the ESD STM S7.1-2005 standard. .

In addition, to ensure absolute safety, people operating on surfaces or in antistatic floor areas should be equipped with labor protection following the ESD standards.