Factory epoxy paints and things to know about factory epoxy paints

Epoxy paint or industrial floor paint, is known as a two-component coating system, created from epoxy resin particles, polyamide curing agent, solvents and some other additives. The product is used for locations such as concrete floors, walls, ceilings, and storage tank areas in factories. But not everyone knows what types of epoxy paints? What are their advantages? Which factors affect the construction quality of epoxy paint factory? Let's find out with APT in the article below!

Classification of factory epoxy paints

  • Solvent-based epoxy paint is a two-component paint system, formed by solvent-based system. This is the most used paint today because of its hard surface, good corrosion resistance and impact resistance.
  • Water-based epoxy paint is a 2-component paint system, using thinner is water, apply well even when the humidity on the floor is between 8-18%.
  • Antistatic paint is an epoxy coating system with high resistance combined with copper tape grounding, helping to control electrostatic phenomenon on concrete floors of electronic components assembly and manufacturers, production of explosives, ...
  • Chemical resistant paint is a coating system with a chemical resistance component. Each chemical resistant product line will be used under different conditions such as UV, chemical and acid resistant. They are often used in chemical factories, water tanks, wastewater treatment tanks, tank belts, vertical walls and floor areas ...

The uses of factory epoxy paints.

  • Good chemical resistance.
  • High wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Variety of colors, ensure the aesthetics.
  • Antibacterial, mold, dirt resistance on concrete surface.

Which factors affect the construction quality of epoxy paint factory?

Concrete floor humidity: Humidity of concrete floors needs to reach the permissible level before it can be applied. With solvent-based epoxy coating system, the floor humidity is

Air humidity: Not in any weather condition, customers can also apply factory epoxy paint. Because although water-based paints which can withstand humidity up to 18%, it still cannot be applied when the weather is too humid. The floor will appear blistering, long-drying phenomenon. The constructor needs to pay attention not to construct when it rains, humid for many days.

Construction techniques: Each epoxy product has different requirements about thickness, construction tools. Therefore, the factory needs to find experienced construction units to ensure quality after construction.

Epoxy paint brand: Nowadays, epoxy paint has become quite familiar in factories. They are researched and developed by many different brands. Without careful investigation, investors, factories are easy to choose fake paints, poor quality paints on the market.

Why should customers choose epoxy paint factory of APT Vietnam?

Known as a pioneer in producing industrial floor paints for more than 10 years, APT Vietnam has confirmed its quality in thousands of projects, received a lot of positive feedback from customers. The things that customer will get when using APT epoxy paint are:

  • Good quality, competitive price: APT has constantly researched to develop products that not only have good quality but also help customers get the most reasonable price.
  • Consultant & support construction on site: Not only help customers understand more about epoxy paint products through consulting process, APT is ready to go to the construction site with the investor and the factory to guide, test and overcome accident during the construction process.
  • Variety of products: Although on the market today there are many brands producing epoxy paint factories, but not all units have as diversified products as APT. We bring customers a wide range of products such as water-based epoxy paints, solvent-based epoxy paints, chemical resistant epoxy paints, anti-static epoxy paints.

Especially, at present, APT is one of the few brands that develop solvent-free epoxy paint KERASEAL ADO121. The product is coating paint line, but has very good self-leveling properties, less odor, hard surface and high aesthetics.

To learn more about epoxy paints, investors, factories, please contact APT immediately at phone number 0904 339 299! We are always ready to answer with customers.