Genuine epoxy coating paint KERASEAL ADO121 with good price nationwide

KERASEAL ADO121 has been researched, developed and is available in the Vietnamese market from October 2019. This is one of the few solvent-free coating products on the market today. So what makes the difference of KERASEAL ADO121 compared to other paint products? How does the use of this coating paint product? Let's find out with APT in the article below!

The difference of KERASEAL ADO121 with other paint products

  •  Thicker coating: If solvent-based epoxy coating line only has 80% solid content, the molecular density is sparse, KERASEAL ADO121 has 100% solid content and the molecular density is thick. This helps the surface to have a close bond between the molecule, the paint is less shrinking, creating a thicker coating than normally coating paints.
  • The surface is harder and clearer: If solvent-based epoxy paint line after drying, solvent evaporates, the amount of color powder floating on the surface, KERASEAL ADO121 has a clear difference. After drying, solvent evaporates a little, and the color powder settles down. Instead, the paint creates a layer of plastic on the surface to make the surface harder and clearer.
  • Less odor: easy to apply in less airy areas.
  • Good chemical resistance: KERASEAL ADO121 has abrasion up to 0.60 mg / cm2. Resistance many common chemicals (According to the detailed chemical resistance table).
  • Do not peel the paint membrane according to the adhesive tape after applying.

Keraseal ADO121 paint is used in many projects such as:

  • Food and beverage production.
  • Showroom and decoration areas.
  • Engineering production and aircraft maintenance.
  • Pharmaceutical production areas, medical areas and laboratories
  • Basement area, stairs.

Especially, KERASEAL ADO121 is also suitable for areas where self-leveling paint has been used but in need to repair. Although the thickness is not equal to the self-leveling paint, they still create a smooth, hard and gloss coating and help the owner to save repairing costs.