GMP standard and APT's epoxy coating application at the pharmaceutical factory

What is the GMP standard?

GMP is the abbreviation of the phrase Good Manufacturing Practices which is understood to be the standard of good manufacturing practice. This is general regulations system or guidelines to ensure that manufacturers always make products of registered quality and are safe for users.

GMP standard in Vietnam

In Vietnam, according to the decision of the Ministry of Health, GMP standards are compulsory standards applicable to pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

Therein, they include requirements on factory and environment hygiene control. Pharmaceutical factories need to build regulations on wastewater treatment, environmental and factories sanitation.

Why does epoxy floor paint used so much in pharmaceutical factories?

In the pharmaceutical factory, concrete walls and floors occupy large areas and easy to get dirt. If not cleaned regularly, dirt will affect the manufacturing process as well as the quality of the product.

Realizing the needs of the market, epoxy paint was born and met all the strictest requirements of the GMP standard. They are often known for their outstanding features: a smooth glossy surface, high antibacterial and excellent wear resistance.

Areas in pharmaceutical factories require the use of epoxy paints:

  • Clean room
  • Laboratory
  • Wastewater treatment tank
  • Extra area and warehouse

What kind of APT epoxy paint is suitable for clean room floors at pharmaceutical factories?

KERASEAL ADO40, also known as a self-leveling, solvent-free and phenol epoxy coating system designed by APT to meet cleanroom requirements. Finished surface is flat, smooth and highly antibacterial. Besides, with abrasion of 0.65 mg / cm2, impact resistance up to, the paint has good wear and abrasion resistance. The using time lasts from 5 to 6 years after construction, saving 50% of repair and maintenance costs for the factory.

What kind of APT epoxy paint is suitable for wall areas of pharmaceutical factories?

For wall areas, the factory should use the KERASEAL WB20 2-component water-based epoxy coating system. This paint line is used a lot in areas with highly hygienic wall surfaces such as pharmaceuticals, food, beverages, health care, kitchens and clean rooms.

KERASEAL WB20 epoxy paint has many advantages such as:

  • Less odor, creating a safe construction environment.
  • Antibacterial and general chemical resistance.
  • Smooth and glossy surface.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Create a well-ventilated surface for steam to escape.
  • Construction tools are washed with water, reducing construction costs.

What kind of APT epoxy paint is suitable for wastewater treatment area in pharmaceutical factories?

Although during the pharmaceutical manufacturing process, the amount of water involved in process is not large, there is a high level of pollution due to the large amount of organic compounds. Therefore, in the process of washing machinery equipment, bottles, factory cleaning, factory laboratories always have a professional wastewater treatment system. However, the tank belt is easy to corrosion due to direct contact with many chemicals. The factory needs to apply 1 layer of chemical resistant epoxy paint to reduce corrosion and prolong the service life of the tank.

KERAGUARD ADG220, KERAGUARD VL100 are two chemical resistant epoxy paints that are constructed a lot in pharmaceutical factories. Especially, KERAGUARD VL100 is an epoxy novolac two-component coating system with 100% solids, less odor and easier to apply than other chemical resistant paints.

Other areas should use epoxy floor paint

Besides clean rooms, laboratories, wastewater treatment tanks, pharmaceutical factories also have other extra areas such as technical ceilings, warehouses. The factory can use solvent-based paints such as KERASEAL ADO10, KERASEAL ADO20 or the latest solvent-based coating paints APT KERASEAL ADO121. These products are good antibacterial, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance.

Hopefully, this will be useful information to help investors and factories understand more about the application of epoxy paint in pharmaceutical factories. For advice on ordering and direct technical support from APT Vietnam, investors, factories please contact immediately 0904 339 299!