How much does epoxy paint cost for 1m2?

Concrete floor surface is an area where people and vehicles are often moving. So, in order to make concrete floor avoids from abrasion, many factories choose epoxy paint. But not everyone can understand about this paint line. How to apply epoxy paint? How much does epoxy paint cost for 1m2? Let’s find out with APT in the article below!

What is epoxy paint?

Epoxy paint is 2-component epoxy resin system with advantages such as:

  •  Good wear and abrasion resistance.
  • Good chemical resistant ability.
  • Good antibacterial, easy to clean.
  • Smooth and glossy finishing.
  • Diversified colors.


Applying epoxy paint process

On the market today, epoxy paint products are very diversified.  Each of paint will have different notes depend on manufacturer. But in fact, paint is applied with the following 5 basic steps:

Step 1: Surface treatment: Using specialized floor grinder to create roughness and remove weak adhesion for floor surface. Then using vacuum to completely clean dust before application.

Step 2: Applying primer: Primer should be rolled by short hair roller. Allow to dry at least 1 day before applying the next coating.

Step 3: Surface patching: This is a pitting repair operation of concrete floor. The imperfect places of the floor will be filled with 1 layer of epoxy adhesive. With larger pitting, should use epoxy mortar to repair. Then the constructor need to sanding and cleaning. After 2 hours, applying the next coating.

Step 4: Applying the base coat.

Step 5: Applying the top coat.

How much does epoxy cost for 1m2?

Nowadays, the price of epoxy paint fluctuates from 100.000 VND - 500.000 VND/m2. For basic solvent-based paint, the price ranges from 100.000 VND – 200.000 VND/m2. For highly specialized paints such as chemical resistant paint and antistatic paint, the price ranges from 300.000 VND – 500.000 VND/m2. This depends a lot on demand of factories. In addition, application cost is also deciding factor for epoxy price.


Why should customer buy epoxy paint directly from APT?

APT is known as one of the enterprises in Vietnam researching and producing specialized epoxy products. The variety of products gives an advantage of meeting the right demand of customers in each project for APT.

Our epoxy coating products include:

  • Water-based epoxy paint.
  • Solvent-based epoxy paint.
  • Anti-static epoxy paint.
  • Chemical resistant epoxy paint.

In addition, APT also researches and develops waterproofing epoxy paint, adhesive, epoxy mortar … to support for epoxy paint application process.

When buying paint at APT, customers will receive:

  • Dedicated consulting, as well as support customer to find reputable and quality construction units.
  • Technical support during construction.
  • Make to order with the best price from manufacturer.

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