Introduction of paint product KERASEAL WB10

The weather in the North is usually quite high humidity. Therefore, many investors are worry about the adhesion of the paint. But the appearance of KERASEAL WB10 on the market has become the optimal solution, completely solving this situation. So what is the KERASEAL WB10? Let APT learn about their advantages in the article below!

Advantages of water-based epoxy coating KERASEAL WB10

One of the reasons makes epoxy floor sloughing is the high humidity in the concrete. Steam cannot pass through the epoxy coating, so if the floor gets wet on any of the lower parts the moisture will accumulate, causing hydrostatic pressure, creating enough force to lift epoxy coating rising the previous surface and causes epoxy coating to peel off.
Other water-based paint systems have the moisture content of <8%, but with KERASEAL WB10 paint, it is possible to apply with a moisture content of up to 18%.

KERASEAL WB10 is a water-based, special protection epoxy floor coating with a low VOC formulation for fast drying, friendly with the environment. It has hard painted surface, glossy surface to conceal defects for concrete surface. KERASEAL WB10 is an excellent coating system that allows concrete surfaces to breathe, making it suitable for use in areas with high humidity.

08 areas that can apply water-based paint KERASEAL WB10

  • Food and beverage production area
  • Exhibition room
  • Other pharmaceutical, medical and laboratory areas
  • Roof floor
  • Warehouse, garage, basement
  • Stairs and paths
  • Old and new concrete

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