Is it possible to replace epoxy paint on old tile base?

Epoxy paint is known as a product that used a lot in industrial factories. But in fact, there are still some old factories have not used epoxy floor but still use normally tiles. This is why factories cannot guarantee sanitary standards. So what advantages does epoxy paint have compared to normally tiles? Is it possible to replace epoxy paint on old tile base? Let’s find out with APT in the article below!

What is epoxy paint?

Epoxy paint is designed as a protection system of concrete floor with advantages such as antibacterial, chemical resistant, abrasion and wear resistant,… Paint is often used for food production, chemical production, pharmaceutical, clean rooms, laboratories, warehouses…

What advantages does epoxy paint have compared to tiles?

Good wear and abrasion resistance

This is one of the strict requirements set by the factory because of the large traffic volume as well as the use of many types of trolleys and trailers with low to high loads that move regularly on the surface. Meanwhile, although tiles have good abrasion resistance but composition from clay and felspat, they are very brittle and fragile. Epoxy paint with 3 osmotic and reinforcement layers, flexible epoxy resin system, good adhesion help the surface has better impact resistance, better abrasion resistance.


Factories often have standards on manufacturing processes as well as quality hygiene. So, factories must always keep the production environment clean. But in fact, production areas are often difficult to ensure cleaning because of the heavy movement, large volume of materials, making the production areas often appear dust, grease and general chemicals. The dust sticks deep into the tile circuit. Although they are cleaned regularly, they cannot avoid stains on the surface. Understanding this, epoxy paint scores when creates a glossy, smooth surface that is easy to clean with wet towel, absolutely antibacterial and slippery resistance. Epoxy paint becomes the optimal solution for clean room projects, laboratories…

In addition, some other specialized epoxy paints have good chemical resistant and anti-static ability. Paint is suitable for high concentration chemical storage tanks, electronic components manufacturer…

Price of paint

Tiles have price from 400.000 – 500.000VND/m2. Meanwhile, epoxy paint has price ranges from 100.000 – 400.000VND/m2. With areas that do not use high concentration chemical or areas where do not have magnetic field, surface humidity < 6%, factories can use normally solvent-based epoxy paint with economical price.

Is it possible to replace epoxy paint on old tiled concrete floor?

Epoxy paint can totally replace old tiled concrete floor. In order to apply epoxy paint on old tile floor, painted surface needs:

  • Patching and handling before construction according to technical of experienced constructors.
  • Mixing the correct ratio of paint and solvent according to the instruction of manufacturer.
  • Applying the primer, base coat and top coat to achieve adhesion and homogeneity.
  • Using airless spray or short hair roller to spread the mixture.
  • Get quick steps to avoid inhomogeneous paint color.

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