Mistake when using paint that many people get

Let find out mistakes customers often make when using industrial paint with APT

  • Forget solvent: with 2-component paints, they are required to apply a strong thinner. Customer should use an original solvent product from manufacturer.
  • Apply paint incorrectly with environment: outdoor, should be used indoor. For example, when customers use it outdoor, the paint has faded and chalked phenomenon. So, in order to replace, customer should use coating paint or floor paint for protection outdoor.
  • Forget ratio: each paint formula has a certain ratio in order to bring the best efficiency. If customer use wrong ratio between paint and curing material, it will create many cracking of paint membrane or adhesive paint but difficult to dry & many other cases.

Important notes to help customers avoid mistake when using paint. If customers do not focus on preparation process too much, factories will not work properly. So in order to ensure that epoxy paint is closely connect with floor as well as does not make mistakes when using paint, customers must follow number of application methods. Below are necessary notes for customers:

First of all, customer must seriously prepare the surface. If concrete surface has chemical or dirt, make sure they are removed. If any part of the garage floor becomes stuck with any product, the epoxy paint will not bond to that location. Besides that customers have to make sure the floor is completely dry.

Although the floor is dry, it still has moisture. In order to test moisture of floor, customer should use a piece of plastic on floor and wait a few days. If water is appeared near the edge of plastic, customer can understand that having water coming up from the concrete will significantly affect the paint.

Besides, if the floor has been painted before, paint must be removed.

Nowadays, APT is one of the best quality and cheap epoxy paint suppliers, currently, is the most reputable and professional paint application unit. With a long experience in this industry, our products and services have always received high evaluation from customers. All application stages are complied with process and are closed supervised.