Nissei, Canon, Honda ... are using antistatic epoxy paint, what about your factory?

In life, static electricity exists everywhere and people do not pay much attention to it due to insignificant effect. However, in production, static electricity is a big problem causing problems for many manufacturers because of the harm caused by it, especially in factories in the electronics field; people always try to find antistatic solutions.

APT’s antistatic epoxy paint is a product that is trusted by large domestic and foreign factories such as Japan, Korea to control antistatic  in their factories because of the stable and durable antistatic qualities of APT products that have been affirmed on specific projects.


Some factories use antistatic epoxy paint from APT Vietnam

  • Nissei Electric Factory
  • Canon Vietnam Factory
  • Honda Vietnam Factory
  • PEC Production Factory
  • VKX Factory
  • LEAR - VINFAST Hai Phong Factory
  • Factory Z129
  • Shin – Etsu Factory
  • Rorze Robotech Factory
  • City Focus Lighting Factory
  • Yokowo Vietnam Factory
  • Stanle Electronic Factory
  • Foster Bac Ninh Electronic Factory













APT Vietnam is proud to be the leading reputable antistatic epoxy coating manufacturer in Vietnam. Thank you to the factory owners for choosing and accompanying APT