Notes when applying water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20

One of the things that customers are interested in when applying KERASEAL WB20 epoxy paint is the construction process of this paint line, what should be noted, ... Today APT will give some notes when applying this paint line, ensure these factors will help the paint dry quickly, stick well to the color, but also ensure the painting process takes place quickly!

Concrete conditions before applying water-based epoxy paint

Concrete surface must be smooth and flat. Concrete must be solid, strong and have a compressive strength of about 25 N / mm2 with a minimum tensile strength of 1.5 N / mm2. Concrete must be smooth, flat and free of contaminants such as dust, oil, grease or weak adhesion on the surface. Construction surface must be well ventilated.

Prepare the concrete surface before applying water-based epoxy paint

KERASEAL WB20 must be applied on a clean surface, free of dirt and grease. Surface contaminants should be removed with chemical degreases and mechanical preparation. Uneven floors and damaged areas should be repaired with suitable materials such as KERACRETE RM120 or KERACRETE NS50. The moisture content should be less than 12% when measured by moisture meter.

Notes when applying water-based epoxy paint KERASEAL WB20

  • Substrate moisture content < 12%.
  • Concrete reaches minimum of 22 days.
  • Minimum substrate temperature +12°C.
  • Maximum substrate temperature +39°C.
  • Substrate temperature must be at least 3°C above dew point.
  • Maximum relative air humidity 80%

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