Outstanding advantages of water-based epoxy paint

Although solvent-based is known used a lot in factories, but it still has some disadvantages which are not suitable for some special construction types. This leads to many investors choosing water-based epoxy paints. So why the water-based epoxy paints is the best alternative? What are their outstanding advantages? Let's find out with APT in the article below!

What is water-based epoxy paint?

Water-based epoxy paint is a coating system that uses water as a specialized solvent can paint directly on concrete, metal surfaces to protect and reinforce the surface's good features.


Advantages of water-based epoxy paints

  • Low VOC content: VOC is one of the compositions in floor paint. If these compositions are present much in paint, they will cause unpleasant odors during application. But in water-based epoxy paint is different. VOC is very low; they create fewer odors and are friendly with environment.
  • Less sensitive to moisture: Humidity is the most important factor in deciding the type of paint to apply. If solvent-based paint only withstands humidity <5%, then with water-based paint, it can withstand humidity <18%.
  • Construction site: Usually used in hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, laboratories.

It can be seen that water-based epoxy paint has many outstanding features, suitable for concrete and metal surfaces with high humidity.

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